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  1. onehitter
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hello, i have recently installed buddy press to my host and like it very much. It seems more of a place where ppl can create their own website off mine. This is extremely hard to explain but i hope someone out there will get me. When a user creates a blog, they have the option to do everythin to it, add pages, themes, widgets, all that type of stuff, what i am looking for out of buddypress, is an option where ppl dont create a whole new site type of deal, but just a page to the original site that they can post on and stuff. If someone were to create a blog on my site , i would like it to have a single theme, default plugins, and the navigation , acting just like the navigation on the home page. So all in all , buddy press is a little to much for what im looking for, is there anyway i can disable, change, some features to get it to work the way i am wanting it to? right now it feels a bit to much like http://www.ning.com or any other free host to create social networks at. Thanks in advance and any help is appreciated :)

  2. designodyssey
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Not to be rude, but you need to read the documentation. BP is a group of plugins each of which can be enabled or disabled. Further, when running on WPMU, YOU decide whether users can add whole blogs or not. Lastly, BP will now (as of version 1.2) run on regular WP where there is only one blog anyway. Yes, BP can be as unwieldy as ning, but you can also make it as simple as a blog with an extended profile for users. You get to choose. Now, head over to buddypress.org and read the docs and their forums.

    It's all explained there.

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