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  • adleras


    This is the email i’ve got from my host provider:


    We had to suspend your account due to high CPU and RAM usage.
    Currently the web site is using about 21.37% of RAM.
    Our limits are 10% of each resource.

    You need to limit your Word Press usage by some way.
    Then will be able to open your account back only.”

    How could this happen? .. I only have 7 posts on my wordpress blog and suddenly it does 21% ram usage? … is there a way to solve this? I dont even understand whats going on.

    Can you help me?

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  • Samgreen


    You might try the privacy page and not let Google, etc. archive it. But let it be visible to normal visitors.

    I noticed a big jump due to the archiving bots when I first start up a blog.

    Or turn it off, and have the google visibility only a few days a month.

    Or check with your provider/webhost and see if they have any suggestions.

    Or find another web host.



    lol.. they’ve suggested to make an account for me on another server. hah..meaning i will lose everything 🙁 and i have to start over again. I hate this 🙁

    this is their last reply to me a few min ago:

    “Dear Adler,

    Our server goes down when somebody open your website. I can create an account
    for you at another server. Please advise.

    Thank you”

    :-< at least they coult let me use my hosting account and limit the site access from the web till i manage the problem, if i find out which is the problem.



    Does their newer server cost more for accounts ?

    If so, that might be why they are suggesting a move.

    I have all of my website files on my hard drive. So, no matter what happens, I still have them. And since I worry about hard drive failure, I have my personal files backed up to cdr on a regular basis.

    My client just got suspended also… for 5.5% of the shared environment CPU. We were notified 2 weeks ago and cannot figure out what happened from the last WP upgrade just before that. Have WP Cache, swapped out one social networking share plugin (Gregarious) for one that doesn’t do email (i-love-s-n), use the Comment Subscribe and that’s it.

    Today they didn’t even notify us. They had already moved us to the “troublemaker” server and it must have continued. I got them to turn us back on for a bit so we can troubleshoot. When we’re off, we can’t get to anything for backup or repair.


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