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  • I need to setup special areas (containing pages and posts) which only can be accessed by frontend users(!) with an account I have created for them.

    The workflow should be like…
    1. People ask me manually/by email to create an account for them
    2. I create an account (name/password) and assign it to a certain role (e.g. “Team Red” or “Team Blue”)
    3. With this account the user should be able to login and and then have additional access to pages and posts of their role. So I have to assign the permission for each post/page somehow explicitly for “Team Red” or “Team Blue”.
    Of course “Team Red” shouldn’t be able to read pages/posts assigned to “Team Blue” and vice versa.
    -> I’m talking about Frontend users and content. So after logging in the user shouldn’t land in the WordPress CMS Backend but at the frontpage again – only with his additional pages and posts visible.

    So I need a plugin or something to create custom roles (rolemanager??) and a plugin to make pages and posts hide from frontendusers with the “wrong” role. right?

    I would be very very happy if somebody had an idea how to get this done.


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