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    I’m building a website where each user has a public profile page and they can insert a gallery, but I don’t want them to have all the options. They definitely don’t have ability to upgrade the plugin, so I don’t want them to see premium options. I only want to give them one or two options. Is there a way control the options they see?

    I would like to set paging, lightbox, filtering, video, advanced options globally and and hide those settings tabs for non-admin users.

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    hi @dickraney

    You can turn off all premium upsells by enabling “Disable PRO Promotions” setting under FooGallery Settings -> Advanced Tab.

    There is no easy way to control what options are seen and what the defaults are, at the moment, but it can be done with some code, by hooking into the following filters:

    • foogallery_override_gallery_template_fields
    • foogallery_alter_gallery_template_field

    These filters are used within the plugin itself, if you want to see examples of it’s usage, and how to change defaults. To hide fields, you would have to set $field['row_data']['data-foogallery-hidden'] = true; on the individual field.

    Thanks for posting this questions, as this has given me a good idea for adding more filters to simplify this in future

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    Okay thanks

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