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  • Hi,

    what’s the use case?


    I need to use around 200 email recipients for bcc will that work?

    Hello @briansmith5280 and @craigsand,

    Although you can technically add an umpteenth amount of email addresses as CC or BCC in the Additional headers field in the Mail tab, you should find out the sending limits of your email provider.

    Most free services provide an average of 500 emails per day, so if you have to set up 200 addresses, with only 3 submissions you will exceed this quota and stop receiving emails. Another possible issue that can be generated is that the destination mail servers might consider the emails as spam, because of the amount of incoming emails.

    If it were me, I’d ask myself, is it absolutely necessary to send a message to all those email addresses with every submission? If possible, I would use a primary email address only for this purpose so that anyone in the organization could check for new submissions, or I would set up Flamingo and create user accounts for each member of the organization, so that they have access to inbound messages.

    Best regards,

    @yordansoares is right, it is not a good idea to send mass mails – you will have always problems and can’t be sure that your mail will reach it’s receipents.

    All providers are using multiple Anti-SPAM mechanismen:

    – limiting number of mails in one posting
    – post mass mails with delays using SMTP- und HTTP ‘tarpits’ (like LaBrea or netfilter)
    – check content
    – classifing senders, means if your host is on a SPAM blocklist you will get on others as well for sure and you are out of business in seconds!!

    The solution is to use a mailinglist provider ala MailChimp or any other ml provider. There are a lot of well working WP plugins to do various tasks around CF7.

    For example:
    -> you can write the CF7 form data into a MailCimp mailinglist (means user can subscribe or you can save other data using a form) – Plugin: Contact Form 7 Extension For Mailchimp
    -> you can write shop data into the same mailinglist database – Plugin: Mailchimp for WooCommerce

    With the MailChimp mailinglist you can than send mails to your subscribers without any problems in a minute. Further more: you can track down who reads the mail, which mail address gets bounced any many oher pro’s.

    I’m doing this all with a 1000 user mailinglist without any additional coding.

    All the best

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    What kraeMit. says is sound advice, but could I also recommend that you set up MailChimp in the outgoing SPF record in your outgoing Mail provider.
    MailChimp has good clear instructions on doing this.

    Good and important Point!

    It depends on your setup and your requirements. I personaly like to separate company/produktive addresses from mail adresses using for mass mailing. Means it is o.k. for me that recepients will see a MailChimp domain as a sender and not my companies mail domain. But for a very professional setup SPF records might be the better way.

    All the best & happy New Year!!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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