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    Hi, first allow me to say how awesome WordPress 3.5 and the 2012 theme are! Just amazing! Thanks to everyone on the WordPress team for what you do!

    The problem: When WordPress is in its own folder, I’m unable to get more than two 2012 “child” themes for the new 3.5 install. I haven’t had this problem until WordPress was in its own folder; I was able to employ several different child themes prior to this. There are no plugins activated. This behavior holds true for both my “scratch” site, at, and a development site currently behind a firewall (and therefore unavailable for viewing–the point is, lightning is striking twice here, and this isn’t a one-off occurrence).

    This is a brand new, clean 3.5 install, using 2012 version 1.1 as a main theme, and multiple child themes, each using the 2012 theme as the parent.

    The multisite set up is for subfolders.

    Here’s the URL of the scratch site, using the “Home” child theme for 2012:

    Here’s the URL of the scratch site using the “sites” child theme for 2012:

    Here’s the URL of the scratch site using “Test A” child theme for 2012–it is an exact duplicate of the “sites” child theme, only with the functions file removed (to make sure there were no conflicts)

    Here’s the URL of the scratch site using “Test B” child theme for 2012, an exact replica of the child theme that works in an earlier site, except, of course, that the style.css sheet was renamed. All else is the exactly the same.

    To sum, it seems like when WordPress is in its own folder, there seems to be a limit of the number of child themes allowed–these scratch sites don’t seem to “read” the css files. This wasn’t happening to me in earlier versions of multisite testing for 3.5, when WordPress wasn’t in its own folder.

    Again, I want to thank the awesome team that is WordPress. What you do is nothing short of amazing. Thanks again.

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  • Have you activated the themes for both subsites? You must first activate it, then enable it.

    Sharon Austin


    Hi, Jesus, good morning and thank you for your response. You’re awesome! I really appreciate the thoughts and input!

    Yes, the themes were certainly activated. I’m not even sure I know how to make the multisite setup work for the individual sites if the themes WEREN’T activated!

    These two sites were set up independently, by two different people, so any such minor errors in set up would have been caught between us if one site worked and the other didn’t. Both the development site and the scratch site are exhibiting the same behavior, even though server configurations are slightly different between them, so this is a 3.5 or a 2012 theme issue–not a set up issue.

    Thanks again for your input, and best regards!

    Sharon Austin


    Jesus et all, I’m going to follow up with more checking of the child themes. I can understand the child theme with a functions file not working correctly, but I don’t understand the one that has no functions.php file in it not working.

    I’m going to look again at the child theme set ups, since SOME of the child themes are working. For now, I’m putting the blame on myself. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thanks for all your help!

    Sharon Austin



    Still not sure what’s going on……a complete overhaul of the suspected “bad” child theme, in which I completely over-wrote it with the code from a “good” child theme, is producing the same results. Difference is, I did this in test sites that were not in its own folder, so the problem isn’t specific to WordPress installations in its own folder.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems like WordPress is not reading the CSS from newer child theme in a multisite setup.

    I don’t know if this is related, but I’m looking at ticket 23073 for possible clues.

    Thanks again for any insights you may have.

    Sharon Austin


    More follow-up:

    I’ve updated to the beta 3.5.1.

    Checked to see if that made a difference in the display of the themes.

    No go.

    Next step:

    Check to see if themes are allowed.

    Here’s what’s in the “allowed themes” field of wp_meta, blog site 1

    a:6:{s:12:”twentytwelve”;b:1;s:21:”twentytwelveHomeChild”;b:1;s:22:”twentytwelveSitesChild”;b:1;s:20:”twentytwelve DLChild”;b:1;s:24:”twentytwelveSitesChild A”;b:1;s:26:”twentytwelveSitesChild – B”;b:1;}

    Sharon Austin


    The error logs are giving rewrite errors. I am moving the information in this forum to the 3.5.1 beta thread.

    Thanks again to all on the team!

    Sharon Austin


    Final follow-up. I tracked down the theme problem to JQuery in the header.

    I should have listened, I should have taken Ipstenu’s warning:



    Plugins and themes which use their own jQuery without properly compensating for WP’s will break. This isn’t new by any means. In fact, we’ve always said that replacing or overriding jQuery will bust things, and we don’t let people do it anymore in plugins or themes hosted here. That doesn’t stop people from doing it, though.


    Yep. I was “one of those people” who still did it…….

    …and lost a full week beating my head against the desk trying to figure out what was wrong….

    Next time, I’ll listen! All you theme writers out there, don’t do what I did!

    Thanks again to all in the WordPress team and for what you do!

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