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  • Hey all,
    I’m building a custom menu for a site I’m developing which has 8 main sections/categories, each with several child/grandchild options.

    I’ve got about three of them done without issue, but now when I add items it seems like WordPress won’t let me change anymore- when I hit save menu the changes are gone and I’m stuck at the point where only those three sections are completed.

    Is there a setting I need to check, or has anyone else had an issue like this?

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  • I have read the following support topics on this issue, and it appears that mine are unrelated.

    I can get up to 34 items on my menu, and then it stops- I can add a ton more, but when I click save menu, it reverts to the top 34 items- it’s almost as if the space you can drag and drop the menu components in is constrained in view or something….


    I am using a premium theme called Unisphere Corporate and wondered if because it was designed pre-Wordpress 3 if that might be interfering with things.

    I switched the theme to 2010 to see if that might help. The menu displays just as it’s laid out in the editor, but I still can’t get more than 32 (sorry about that 34 in the last post) items to go into the menu.


    I installed the pagemash plugin to set the page hierarchy of the parent/child pages, which I hadn’t done previously. I wondered if having so many (over 30 pages) all on the same level was giving wordpress a headache with the custom menu.

    Pagemash helped me with organizing drop down menus on enabled themes before 3.0 came out with the custom menu functionality, so I thought it would help here.

    No dice again- even the with pages organized, I’ve got the same issue- I can only get 32 items in the custom menu to show up, and anything above and beyond gets ignored when I save changes.

    I’d love to hear from some people on this!

    Hi Wozney, I think i have the same problem. I can only have 16 menu items. After that every page or category that I add becomes a Custom Menu. And the items after that is gone.

    I’m on 3.0.1.

    And I have tried re-installing WP.
    Uninstalling all plugins.


    Hey Guys,
    I have the same issue going on. Strangely it was working for a while I was able to ad like 30-35 menu items.
    I tried the same like haryadimas without succes.
    Using a different theme didn’t helped either.


    Hey Guys,

    Check out this topic:

    This gave me the solution.

    You have to ask your ISP to change these values or at least a higher value: = 0
    suhosin.request.max_vars = 0

    So, I’m happy.


    Luckily this is one of the top 3 pages of google search “wordpress menu limit”, so I quickly found a solution. I wrote a letter to my ISP to set the limit to 5000 and now it’s solved. I just asked them to set the following two values in PHP. = 5000
    suhosin.request.max_vars = 5000

    But I think WordPress with it’s millions of downloads should really think about a different structure for the menu data, as I think not all users go as far as this and really look after the problem. And something as popular as WordPress really shouldn’t work in a “ask you ISP to set these values for you” way!

    I have same/similar problem. Thanks to all for info above.

    I’m presently struggling through this with my ISP, it is proving extremely difficult to get them to make the changes or to tell whether changes they have made are having any effect. Custom menu still not working for me when too many items (approx 35 = timeout).

    Am, i right that with custom menu it’s ok for children to have multiple parents?

    I agree with @zsero, this is a lot of hassle. I see in the bug report that ‘not too many people are complaining’. I’d like to complain loudly!

    Custom menu would be a great addition to wordpress but at present it is a nightmare for larger menus.

    I had a similar problem. I could only add so many menu items. I contacted my hosting provider and told them most of what I read on this forum. (They spent QUITE a WHILE with me! love, love, love Rackspace!)

    As it turns out, by process of elimination Google XML Sitemaps version3.2.4 seems to be the culprit. I deactivated it while configuring my menu, re-activated it right after and: VOILA!

    Worked for me, hope it helps someone else!

    Was your problem with suhosin? = 5000
    suhosin.request.max_vars = 5000

    Or it was totally independent?

    I was having this issue and was able to fix it by having my host up the value from the default 200 to 500 (the highest they said they could go), the question I have is if 5000 is what i should really push for or if a setting of “0” is really “unlimited” as suggested in this post of similar topic –

    I think 0 is unsafe. 500 might work for you. It depends on the complexity of the menu. You have to try it in your setup.

    But this issue should have already been fixed! I can’t believe WordPress with 100 million downloads and world famous everything still has this bug! No pre-release alpha version of any CMS has trivial bugs like this, but WordPress leaves it in a production ready, stable release.



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    It’s a server-specific issue – not a WP one. If you want to help reduce the number of problems like this, please try to get involved in the alpha/beta testing.

    This way you can also say that for 90% of the bugs! Yes, it is server specific. But if a very high number of shared hosts have this value set such that no more than about 15 menu items are allowed than it shouldn’t be allowed in a stable release! And don’t forget that only a very small percentage of actual wordpress users go here, finds out what’s the problem and report it here. When I help most of my friends with this bug, they have no idea about what is PHP or security settings and so. If wordpress wants to be a user friendly distribution, it shouldn’t force its users to write detailed letters to their hosts asking them to loosen security settings so much that most hosts are not willing to do it, just because the user wants more than 15 menu items! Show me any CMS system, which has such a buggy menu implementation!



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    If the number of shared hosts is that high, why wasn’t this reported as an issue in the alpha stage? I’m not seeing this as a common problem at all.

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