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  • Can you give more details?

    I’ll be working on this tomorrow — a few changes to the login handling 2.7.1->2.8 — but during my 3 minutes check I was at least able to log in.

    Hey there…

    I simply cannot login. Even without ANY plugins and ONLY this one… I can’t login with 2.8


    Navjot Singh


    It is working in 2.8…I just tested it on my blog.



    Working fine with me too, on several wordpress (2.8.1) installs.

    Marcelo Pedra


    Works well in 2.8.2

    I’ve tried both Limit Login Attempts version 1.3.1, and 2.0beta1 for WP 2.8.3 and they aren’t working.

    I’m talking about WP 2.8.3 + here …
    Any luck with this WP version?

    2.0beta1 working for 2.8.4

    big cheers Johan, very nice

    I’ve tested on a clean WP 2.8.4 website, and Limit Login Attempts version 1.3.1 works. I’m puzzled here.

    Could that be a conflict with other plugins which I’ve installed, like Secure WordPress, Absolute Privacy, or perhaps WP Captcha Free?

    Or could it be that the clean WP 2.8.4 website is operating on:
    PHP version 5.2.9
    MySQL version 5.0.81-community

    whilst the one which failed is operating on:
    PHP version 5.2.10
    MySQL version 5.1.37

    I hope that someone has encountered the same problem, and might have some clues to this ‘hiccup’.

    Cheers … Jason

    Ran some tests …

    Apparently, the Absolute Privacy plugin was the main culprit, which conflicted with Limit Login Attempts functions.

    So much of wanting to moderate users … Sigh*

    The problem appears to be that Absolute Privacy replaces the pluggable function wp_authenticate with a non compatible version.

    If it instead used one of the available filters the plugins could probably coexist peacefully.

    If anyone still have any trouble with the plugin please post or email me. There are no known problems apart from the above incompatability with Absolute Privacy.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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