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  • I am looking for a way to limit the width of images uploaded in WordPress, and no I don’t mean thumbnails. Consider the following:

    90% of the images I post are 400px wide (to match the layout). Every once in a while I post a larger image and select Thumbnail in the WP admin. It would be great if when I select “No Thumb” WP would limit the size of an image to 400px wide so I don’t have to resize the images manually every time.

    Anyone know of a hack for this?

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  • I highly recommend the Image manager plugin (and if you’re so inclined, Lightbox 2).

    However, this plugin is simpler and perhaps more suited to what you want if it’s just to control the size of the thumbnail –it’s other main feature is to allow uploading multiple images. They do work in combination as well.

    Your other option is to go into inline-uploading.php and edit the thumbnail values. Image manager lets you set a default size from an extensive options page and the multiple-uploading plugin also gives you a field to enter the max height or width.

    Thanks for the plugin suggestions, but the image-size I want to control isn’t the thumbnail, but the actual image. As I said above I rarely use thumbnails. It would be nice to just upload any old 640px wide pic and have it automagically cut down to 400px wide.

    You could control how large it appears with css. It wouldn’t actually be 400 px (or whatever), but it would be scaled down in the browser to appear that size. The advantage of this is it’s theme dependent, and the original images would be untouched if you want them larger in another theme.

    That’s not a problem. The image manager will work on either and the multiple upload plugin has seperate settings for the max length for both the original and the thumbnail. See here.

    Really, try testing both out.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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