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  • Hello,

    I would like to use this plugin for 2 purposes and I don’t see any way it can be done currently, so please let me know if I’m overlooking something, and (assuming it is not currently possible) would you add support for this?

    The first use is to send notifications for new posts of a custom post type to users of certain roles if those users are subscribed. Eg. if I could create a group and limit the membership of that group to only users with certain roles, and only send out new post notifications for a specific custom post type. The users should be able to subscribe or unsubscribe, and if they are no longer a member of an allowed role, they should no longer receive notifications.

    The second use is straightforward and currently supported, allowing subscribers (both site users and anonymous) to be notified of new posts (ie. default post type, not custom post types). Users of the first group should be able to receive notifications for both the custom post type and the default post type if they wish.


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