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    I am in the process of setting up WordPress to use as a corporate blog. There will be numerous users posting content, but I want to lock them into specific categories just so they don’t mistakenly post something in a category they shouldn’t and just to make it less confusing for them as there are a lot of categories.

    Owen Winkler’s Limit Categories plugin seems like it would do exactly what I want, but it does not work with 2.7. Does anyone have a working version of his plugin or know of another plugin that would limit categories users can post to that works with 2.7?


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  • User-Cats Manager
    Provides to admin users a way to select what categorie determined users can write. (administrators have access to all categories)

    Category Access allows you to limit, by user, what categories the person sees when editing posts. This applies to just Authors, Contributore, and Subscribers–which makes sense. Can also control what categories are not displayed on the blog but within limits (will hide the_content and the_title, but not the_time,the_date, the_category) Can also restrict what categories guests (not logged in) see on blog.

    I have tried both of those plugins as well. The problem with user-cats manager is that it locks users out from viewing categories on the front end of the site. I don’t want to restrict access to the categories on the front end, but only to what they can post to on the back end. It does limit categories users can post in, but then they only see those categories on the front end of the site. Anonymous guests not logged into wp-admin don’t see any categories at all. Definitely not something I want.

    Category Access does not appear to work as intended either. It has similar behavior to user-cats manager. You can limit what the user can post to in the backend, but then they don’t see any other categories on the front end of the site except for what they can post to in the backend.

    I don’t want to limit any front end functionality, only backend. IE: I want all users, anonymous included, to see all categories on the front end, but I want to be able to restrict the categories users can post to on the back end. Owen Winkler’s description of his plugin specifically states that it does not limit the categories users can view, but only categories they can post to.

    Bind user to cat doesn’t seem to work at all in 2.7. I setup a user to only post to one category and they can still see the check boxes for all categories and post to any category they want.

    WP Sentry isn’t what I’m looking for. That only allows me to make already existing posts private to certain users/groups.

    I just want to restrict what categories a user can post to and still allow them to see all categories on the front end.

    I was able to get what I wanted using a combination of Role-Manager and Level2Categories. Thanks for the help.

    Might mention that it doesn’t do what I wanted/described out of the box. I had to change level2categories to display categories based on a specific user level instead of minimum. This way each user level can essentially be a user role/group that has limited categories. You’re then limited to only 9 roles/groups (not counting admin), but that’s plenty for my needs.

    Out of the box it only lets you choose a minimum user level that the user must have in order to post into a category. This doesn’t work for multiple roles/groups that you don’t want to see certain categories, because as the user level gets higher, the more they can see. Restrict the levels to specific categories and then I have exactly what I want.

    There is a conditional statement in l2c_disable_cats that just needs to be changed accordingly:

    if ($user_level<$fetch['level'])

    change to:

    if ($user_level < "10" AND $user_level <> $fetch['level'])

    This makes it so admins (or anyone with user level 10) can see all categories and all other user levels will only see the categories they are assigned to. I believe you also have to assign all categories to a level in order for it to work and make sure users are assigned to appropriate roles with the appropriate user level. This does not work with xmlrpc clients though (IE: Contribute or LiveWriter will show all cats still). It just changes the categories the user sees in the form in the admin panel of WordPress.

    Thanks @mtg169 for sharing. I was able to use role manager and level2category with Flutter to restrict what users could create certain content types. I’m so excited, cause I’ve been trying to get this set up for the last three days.

    @mtg169, Thanks for the explanations. I’m somewhat confused though and was hoping you could clarify a little…

    I have 12 (possibly more) categories that I want to restrict posting access to. Each category will likely have 1 or 2 users which will be able to post to a given category.

    These users basically have “author” roles (level 2)

    Does it mean that I have to create a corresponding role for each category?

    Thanks in advance.

    For those looking for this feature I found a plug-in that does everything out of the box:

    I want my new users to be able see all categories but only able to post on one. Which of these plugins would work for that?

    Does anyone know of a plugin that requires users to select a category? 🙂

    @douglasb52 : level2category does this easily, you have to define for each category which level is necessary

    @tarnfeld : you can select a default category for posts in /settings/write, is it enough ?

    thank you all for sharing



    So my solution was to create Roles with the Role Manager plugin.

    Then I bound individual users to categories specific to them with the Bind User to Category plugin.

    Finally, I limited what those bound users could see on the dashboard, side menu, and post page (including not being able to see the categories option) by using the Adminimize plugin.

    It all worked great, it’s easy to use and did exactly what I was looking for.

    Role- Scoper is for more techie people needs careful configuration , failing will leads your site will be go offline

    I use level2categeories plug-in for restricting particular members from accessing category when they write posts.

    members who having the certain user level will make the posts on certain categories

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