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  • Is there a way / is there a plugin for / would you consider as a feature request:

    I’d like to have several public categories (viewable by anyone) … and assign authors to various categories such that they could only publish to the categories they are assigned to.

    Does anyone know how to do this? Maybe some sort of author group membership … and only certain groups can publish to certain categories.

    with the new userdata table, I’m betting this could be done, but I havent learned how to write plugins yet. 🙂

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  • sorry to barge in but I need this too. I am trying to allow authors to contribute to specific categories without being able to edit other categories. I used the userextra and usermeta plugins before on WP 1.5 but these don’t work (yet) on WP 2.0.



    i’m looking for te same thing…



    Then try looking in the proper place Plugins/Restriction and see the Limit Categories plugin.

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