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    I’m very new to WordPress and have a question about how to manage Authors.

    I am looking at using WordPress as a corporate intranet news “engine”, but need to know if I can allow Authors to edit only their page. Basically, as the admin, I’ll create multiple pages that represent departments, and I’d like to set up WordPress to allow for a user, or users, to be assigned to each page so that they can add, edit, etc. posts to that page, and that page only.

    I don’t have WordPress installed, but I’ve played around with the demo on, but can’t seem to do this. Is this possible in the default install of WordPress, and if not, how difficult would it be to do this?


    Ryan M

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  • Wrong wording 🙂
    Unfortunately Pages have a special meaning in WP lingo, so using the word “pages” confuses everybody.

    Actually you cannot set up an author to have access to only one “page”… however, you can easily set up
    a) categories
    b) user roles (with a plugin)
    and that would solve your problem. Meaning authors from ABC departement could write only to the ABC category and – if you wish – they will be able to edit only their own posts. Additionally, a “boss” can have a role that will allow to edit all the posts from his/her department.

    You will not understand how it works untill you install it and play with it.

    Just to add to what Moshu wrote, see for useful plugins including Role Manager.

    Thanks! I’ll check out

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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