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  • Hi
    This is my weblog, it needs work and is mostly frivolous (except I’ve been up all night and decided to read the newspapers which is rare)…well there are some bugs floating around that I need to resolve (like why comment moderation is on when I set it to off and such…)
    Usually when I get one bug I just um, upgrade to the next nightly build or I wake up one day and it’s gone and a new bug appears…it’s rather entertaining.
    I’m still working on a graphic.
    So here it is:
    This is what I want it to look like but I got told that the image took up alot of room, like a third of the width…but I liked it 🙁
    Please, any comments would be helpful (even non constructive criticism)

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  • You can start by putting your image in your header and give it some room, something like:
    ‘#header {
    background: url( no-repeat #999966;
    font: italic normal 50px Garamond, ‘Times New Roman’, Times, serif;
    letter-spacing: 0.1em;
    margin: 0 0 0 0px;
    padding: 0 10px 100px 347px;

    you mean i can put it in my header?
    oh! thanks 🙂

    Liliandra, of course you should keep in mind that it’s *your* blog and therefore if *you* like something, you should use it. Period.
    Everybody’s going to an opinion, positive or negative, of a given site’s layout, that’s generally more about personal preference than objective standards. (Unless we’re talking about ‘standards’ in the sense of valid markup.) Therefore, unless someone has good criticisms to offer about useability etc, aesthetic opinions about a layout aren’t necessarily worth anything very useful. You’ve already said that you like your layout. 🙂
    That being said, I personally don’t particularly like the layout. I don’t like the colors (very split-pea soupish), and the second index (with the logo) I liked even less because of the way the graphic crowds the content into a very narrow column. Again, this is all about personal opinion and preferences. 🙂
    It looks like you write well, and have good content, and those things will always trump (for me) a design I (and who am I, after all) don’t happen to like. 🙂

    Thanks – about writing! I am trying 😉
    you see, on my livejournal i was revelling in my femininity as some sort of protest (waay too much pinks) which caused me to gag and i think i ran to the other extreme and i like green but couldn’t get the forest greens right….
    I do just want it to look slightly decent on most browser configurations that I would use or maybe some of my friends might use.
    The crowding worries me a tad because I don’t really want it all crowded (for most people) so that I would like to work on and I changed my screen resolution a bit so it would bother me enough to fix it..
    I don’t like split pea soup…hmmm (maybe one day I’ll go to cream and green and gold …next week…when I’m rested).
    thanks very much for your comments 🙂

    How do you even begin to change the color of your blog…the name…anything? My friend set this up for me and I truly have no clue where to begin. I can post, but I really want the blog to match my site. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    you also could make it a background image for the body, still lined up in that spot, still fixed in position, and just let the text flow over the top of it. a good color scheme would make that really work…

    if you meant me, okay 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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