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  • Hi there, thanks for creating this plugin its great! really love it!

    Im have a bit of a frustrating time on a small problem. If I i call for the likes on a blog post everything works fine. I can click it, it updates and the background color changes. Meaning the the .done class has successfully been applied to the link.

    the problem is if i call for the likes button on two seperate pages. I have the likes button also on the blog post listing page. So if i click like button on the blog listing page it updates normally (background changes color etc). But if I then go into the blog post page itself, the .done class has not been applied. Although the actual number of likes has gone up.

    Meaning I can like all my posts twice. Once on the listing page and once of the page itself. Is there any fix to this? has it working perfectly but it seems that the themezilla guys have created some custom php to go along with it (I obviously can’t access that).

    Let me know if you know how to fix this. Would appreciate any kind of reply although I know this plugin is free <3

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  • Plugin Author RosemarieP



    The done class is applied based on browser cookies. If you have a post with the id of 82, for example, after you click ‘like’, your browser has a cookie added called like_82.

    If you have this cookie, the post with the ID 82 will automatically have the ‘done’ class applied to it when it’s rendered.

    I wonder if something weird is happening with your cookies. If you’re using Chrome, you can go into your web inspector -> resources -> cookies and take a look at what cookies you have and make sure they’re being applied correctly. It’s hard to say for sure why it isn’t working, but that’s my best guess!

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