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  • After years of having to rely on other people, IT people, I have now moved my entire work portfolio to WordPress. At last, I am in control and when I need something done it just gets done and there is an end to it. No more endless e-mail exchanges which start with my obvious and clear question but take days to progress through oblique one line unhelpful responses to a solution.

    So now my IT efficiency and time usage is sensible and my costs have fallen dramatically. So that’s the platform but where do I find image management, an absolute must for my work. Solution, I use Gmedia.

    I haven’t gone to the Help facilities or video tutorials but just flung myself at it intuitively. Oh yes, every now and then I curse it because it doesn’t do what I want it to do…. then I remember that the 99.9% likelihood is that the issue is what I have done not what GMedia has done. then I learn, then it gets better and it just keeps getting better.

    I am about two months into using this tool and as I take the time to learn the more I am liking what I can do. Once you find your way, unless of course you want to do the sensible thing and go through the tutorials, this all just works and it works really well. The Search Engine results coming back are excellent, I am archiving and adding detail all the time. The galleries and albums are good.

    Once I have got through my learning curve and my efficiency improves the time saving and usefulness is superb. Hence why I feel it is right to support with a full review.

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  • Here is one comment that may be helpful to you at GMedia.

    When I select items in the library to put into an album and then move on to other functions/actions I can come back to the library once having moved onto another album/gallery process. I select my media, then import it to an album and find I have not just imported those images but the ones previously selected. This creates not just one problem but two problems. Firstly, I have an album full of images I may not want in this album. But also, another gallery, which may be live on site, is now empty of the images which have been transferred.

    Yes, the problem is that I am not clearing selected images when I move on. However, in the work flow of a user this is something that can very easily happen. A pop up dialogue box reminding you have selected images still live would help (and yes, we should be able to see they are live but as a “herd user” we actually don’t.) but if that doesn’t work then a pop up list of what you are transferring to album before you push the button would be useful.

    Plugin Author Rattus


    Thanks, I’ll think about how to improve this.

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