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    Thanks to everyone on this board, I got my new site up, and it’s at:, if anyone wants to check it out.

    Here’s my problem. I tend to ramble on sometimes with my posts, and I’d like to have the front page only display 15 or 20 lines of each new post, and then have a little link that says “Read the rest of this entry” at the bottom. Click on that and go to the post page.

    How do I code this in? I’ve seen it on other sites, but can’t figure out what I need to do.

    Thanks for the help!

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  • In the quictags toolbar, click on More 🙂

    I’m hopeless, I know, but where is the “quicktags toolbar”? I’m sure this is really easy to do, but I just checked all around my admin page and all the tabs, and didn’t see anything.

    Sorry, total Newbie. Just found the “quicktags” thing, added more, and it works perfectly. I’m assuming that if I want it to say “click here to read more” that I could add that text somewhere pretty easily. I’ll go fool around with it.

    I love this program! So much fun.

    Ciao, WHL

    In the Write tab of the admin section for your blog.

    Hi all. I’m still using WP since I’m afraid to upgrade to 2.0. My single.php file reads as follows, but the “Read the rest of this entry” doesn’t show up. I don’t see Quicktags either. Any thoughts?

    <div class=”entry”>

    <?php the_content(‘Read the rest of this entry »’); ?>


    I don’t have 1.5x close to hand, but look carefully at the little icons above your post editor. One of them will insert something like <!-- More --> for you.

    Thanks HandySolo,

    I did find the more quicktag, and it did insert <!– More –> for me, however I don’t know what I’m suppose to see after saving the changes.

    On the main page of your blog, you should see just the first few sentences of your posts followed by the “read more” stuff….

    Well, on your blog’s main page, you’ll see some indicator that the post is continued and a link to click which takes you to the “one post per page” section. That indicator/text will be right where you did your insert. 🙂

    From there, you probably won’t see any indicator that the post was “more’d”.

    All that, of course, is somewhat dependent on what your theme author put in place…

    Interesting. I entered the More Quicktag after the second paragraph to test it out, however the break is after the first page on the homepage. There is an indication that the write up continues by the following: […] However, this is not a link, but simply text.

    I am using the Green-beast theme. Checking out this link shows that it is possible with the theme.


    I got it! Thanks HandySolo!

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