• It broke so many things that I was forced to restore from backups.

    It made all sorts of mystery errors pop up. I couldn’t use ‘media’. I couldn’t manage plugins. I couldn’t even use Simple History to be sure which plugin was at fault, nor could I check the database with one of the database plugins.

    On the other end, it worked great!

    It did, in fact, do what it said it’d do.

    I can’t give it more than one star, however. No… No, I can not. It simply broke too many other things. I’d avoid it until there’s a new release.

    I’ll revisit the plugin at a later date. I’ll amend my review if it works. (The plugin dev is free to contact me to tell me when a new version drops.)

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  • Plugin Author jabedbd


    Hello, sorry about the issue you faced. we have fixed all the issues. hope this plugin will working fine on your site now.

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