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  • Alright, so, I’ve had Lavalamp working beautifully. I’ve had Lightview Plus working beautifully. The problem is Lavalamp (all those animated slides) does NOT happen when my Lightview Plus is activated. The second I deactivate it, it starts working fine.

    Now, that cannot happen.

    Help me out, gurus.

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  • I love lightview plus but had a couple issues with it.
    So here are two quick fixes
    Shadowboxjs- Has a ton of features and works great.
    Multibox – another great one similiar to lightview, Better looking though

    I don’t necessary want an alternative, I’d rather like it if I could fix the clash between the two. If other “light” apps can be fine with it, why not Lightview Plus?


    LOL bump all you want, its hard to get answers around here!
    What exactly is Lava Lamp? If its a plugin I will grab it and check it out on my test site

    LOL. Lavalamp is those beautiful semi-animated menus you see around cool WP themes. And, Lightview Plus is just like Lightbox but with a few more options and a cleaner look.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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