Lighttpd + WP Multisite + SubDirectories + Mod_magnet + "Add Site" = Not working (9 posts)

  1. cmworks
    Posted 5 years ago #


    Here are the details of my problem:

    The Challenge: =====================

    To get Lighttpd running PHP5 with MYSQL5 and WordPress multisite working in a subdirectory on my domain - e.g. http://www.mysite.com/myblogs/(additional wp sites)

    I have a MacMini G4 running Mac OSX 10.4.1 (Tiger)

    What has been done so far: ============================

    1) I have install lighttpd with ssl+CML and lua

    2) I have installed and configured MySQL5 and PHP5.3 to work with lighttpd 1.4.6

    3) I have WordPress 3.0 install in a subdirectory of my site in a folder called "myblogs"

    4) I have the module "mod_magnet" activated with rewrite code in the lighttpd.conf pointing to a rewrite.lua file in the "myblogs" directory (which is the wordpress install folder)

    5) I created a subfolder called "blogs.dir" under the "wp-content" folder in my wordpress install folder, per the wordpress multisite instructions ( are you still with me?)

    6) I successfully was able to set up the wordpress multisite install and access the Super Admin page

    7) I successfully was able to customize the permalinks and test them on the super admin blog pages and they all work fine

    8) I was able to "add a new site" from the super admin page called "myhome" with the url being "http://www.mysite.com/myblogs/myhome"

    9) When I access the new site called "myhome", the page comes up with the fault formatting and none of the themes or links works. Clicking on them gives me a "Not found" error

    10) FYI - I have given the permissions as "sudo chmod -R 744 * with ownership going to the server username and group name.

    11) I noticed that there is no data in the blogs.dir folder

    12) I also cannot upload images on the Super Admin site ( I get a blank ad image screen or when i use the flash uploader it gets stuck at 0% )

    The Solution: =====================

    Please advise on the solution to this issue. Thank you.

  2. re: 9) you need mod_rewrite working. not sure what that is in Lightppd.

    11) there will not be. the blogs don't live there, that's only for uploads.

    12) try the manual way. a white screen is always an error.

  3. cmworks
    Posted 5 years ago #


    Thanks I will try to use the mod_rewrite instructions they provide for Lighttpd. I think I had it working once with the single user WP.

    THanks for clarifying question 11.

    I know this sounds silly but how do you "manually" upload images in wordpress posts?

    Or should I just up load the images to the blogs.dir folder? I tried to upload images using the Media Library but this gave the same "blank screen" result.

    THanks again for all your support.


  4. you'll have to fix the blank screen. It's a php error of some kind for sure.

    Even if you ftp'ed the images to the right folder, the media library won't find them as they won't be recorded in the db.

  5. tdjcbe
    Posted 5 years ago #

    lighttpd 1.4.6

    Last I knew, and I'll be the first to admit that I haven;t checked recently, you had to be running at least 1.5 of lighttpd. 1.4.x has an issue with the uploader. I seem to recall a hardcoded error within the uploader that produced an error.

    Haven;t used lighttpd in quite a while though so not sure what the status on this is.

  6. cmworks
    Posted 5 years ago #


    You are right. I think the issue is a PHP error (how do i access or locate the error log for php?). I setup the my.cnf file on my mac and this resolved many of the errors I found when logging into phpmyadmin.

    There must be something I still am missing because I still can't upload images. Using the flash uploader it does show the image at 100% crunching but that is as far as I get. With the browser uploader there still is a blank screen and in both cases, no file is uploaded. This must also relate to the permalink issue as I cannot get the new sites links or themes to work.

    I will keep checking the boards and tinkering until I find a solution. It seems as if most are using apache with wordpress.

    Stay well.


  7. cmworks
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have given up on this as i realize I can't create a multisite install of WordPress in a subfolder using lighttpd and I do not wish to install wordpress in the rootfolder of my domain being that I wish to run an existing website there.
    I tried all kinds of configurations and realize it won't work the way i want it too.

    One question I have what besides convenience and easy of use is the benefit of using WP Multisite as opposed to create individual installs into subfolders or sub-domains?

    Thank you all for you help.

  8. Multisite is what runs wordpress.com. If you want to set up something like that, there's the advantage. ;)

    It's use-case if for someone who wants dozens, hundreds, thousands of blogs. For many people who want to use it for 6 or less blogs, it may not be worth it.

  9. gonabadnews
    Posted 5 years ago #


    9) When I access the new site called "myhome", the page comes up with the fault formatting and none of the themes or links works. Clicking on them gives me a "Not found" error

    re: 9) you need mod_rewrite working. not sure what that is in Lightppd.

    I have same error but mod_rewrite is active in my host!!!

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