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    Hi, after migration of wordpress from test to live environment (domain to domain migration) thumbnails are opened to single page and not to lightbox. We checked inspector in Chrome, and nextgen plugin is still looking for old domain. Moreover this issues influence display speed of page with gallery.
    Any resolution?

    Thanks a lot.

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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @kubajz13 – Can you check under Other Options > Lightbox Effects … click on (Show Advanced Settings) and make sure the paths are correct?

    We have noticed this issue recently and find in most cases of issues after migration that the paths to the CSS files are incorrect.

    If this is not the case, please submit a bug report here: … please keep in mind we may need to get log in credentials for your WordPress installation so our support team / developers can further investigate.


    – Cais.

    Since the recent update to NextGen a few weeks ago none of my lightboxes work. I have done the Other Options>Lightbox…settings triple checked all of them, still nothing works. I noticed there was another update a few days ago, also nothing has worked with this update. All themes and WP versions are up to date. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks!

    thank you, Plugin author for your suggestion! I was having the same problem after migrating from my test site/folder to the main site. I used your suggestion and checked the path in the advanced settings of the options menu, and the path was still going to the the folder of my text site. I fixed all the paths and the Lightbox effect is working beautifully now.

    Many thanks!! 🙂


    The one thing I noticed is the the CLOSE “X” in the lightbox overlay is still coming from the path of my text folder/server. I can not find where those are saved in the CSS.

    Help with this, please?


    Hi, I recently migrated a site for a client to their official domain and now the lightbox effect isn’t working. I followed the steps in the above posts and fixed the paths to the CSS files in “Lightbox Effects” under “Other Options” but the lightbox still isn’t working when I try to click the thumbnails…

    Any other place where I’m supposed to edit paths or files? There isn’t any conflict with other plugins either.


    Plugin Author photocrati


    All – Each Lightbox effect has its own advanced settings, please make sure that all the lightbox effects paths are correct. This should be done for the ones in use but it is best to make sure every effect’s paths are correct … just in case you decide to change the one you are using.

    If the problem still persists after verifying the paths are correct please take a moment to report this on our Bug Reports page, here:

    Please note, our support team / developers may need to look behind the scenes so it would also be appreciated (if you’re comfortable doing it) to share with us log in credentials for your WordPress installation in the Bug Report.


    My lightbox effect, like for many others, is not working since the newer versions.
    I’m happy to provide a password to my site in order to fix the problem.
    I’m not sure how to “make sure the lightbox effects paths are correct”.
    Could you explain/advise?


    I too am having the same issues. None of the lightbox effects work in the latest version. Images simply open full size with no lightbox effect, arrows, or close buttons. And if I click on view as slideshow it just shows the spinning wheel but never loads.

    My paths to stylesheet and js are correct.

    Please advise.

    I just sent in a bug report on this too. It seems that some upgrades work and others don’t for some reason.

    I have a blog that the upgrade worked fine and lightbox is still working.

    And then other blogs that lightbox is not working.

    These were both upgrades and not migrations. I tested in Chrome and Firefox with and without adblocker on. These are both on identical VPS servers.

    I compared settings and checked directories and everything was the same between them. I was unable to find something that would point to why it is working on one and not the other.

    Please let me know if you need further information. I hope you can figure this weird issue out soon. Thanks!

    YES!!! Thanks a lot! I had the same problem.
    The best way just to copy url .js and .css and put it in browser, even when i thought that url was correct i had 404.. yes it just was not correct! =)

    And of course you should empty all caches

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @ruson – Yes, always clear the caches, just in case. Nothing worse than having a cache make you think you got the fix wrong (*grin*).

    – Cais.

    I have cleared all caches, and the paths are all correct. But the lightboxes no longer function. I installed the update today and that didn’t correct the issue.

    Frustrating to say the least. On a site with an older version, I left the old version in place, until this issue is resolved.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @roosites – Was this a migrated site?

    If not, then this solution would not apply. You might consider a separate topic for your issue, or feel free to submit a Bug Reports with the details of you situation.


    – Cais.


    Same problem here… no lightboxes (IE, Firefox, Chrome)

    > WP version: 3.6.1
    > Nextgen version: 2.0.21
    > paths are correct, JS & CSS
    > cleared the cache

    with version 1.7 everthing is working

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