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  • Hey!

    I’m using Lightbox WP JS 2.04 and I can’t get the title and close button to display!

    Click the image (the js works, but the bottom tab isn’t there).

    Would appreciate any help, thanks!

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  • Because the image URLs are 404:

    Those are where it’s looking.

    ah, thank you very much.

    but now there’s the other problem:

    the caption text doesn’t show!

    hmm, it works when i switch the theme.

    is something else referencing “title”? help would be appreciated, thanks!

    well, I’m assuming that the “title” attribute is somehow being disrupted by my theme, anyone have any ideas?


    Turns out that I have this script on my site
    called “nicetitle.js” which basically adds a neat overlay of the title (unnecessary, but pretty) over the text.

    When I remove it, the caption shows. The following is an excerpt from the script which I believe is causing the trouble:

    for (var ti=0;ti<document.links.length;ti++) {
    var lnk = document.links[ti];
    if (lnk.title) {

    Why is the command “lnk.removeAttribute(“title”); there? I figure that’s what’s removing the title attribute…

    I miss the old lightbox. I’ve just upgraded to WP2.1 and the latest LightboxJS, and I don’t have a close graphic. I can see the graphic I need sitting in /wp-content/plugins/lightbox/images, but it doesn’t seem to want to work.

    Prior to upgrading, I’d add an image to my post using the handy image button in the WYSIWYG window (where the heck did that button go?), and Lightbox would automatically recognize that code and do it’s thing, no manually adding rel=”lightbox”. Seems those days are gone, for now.

    I can close my lightboxed image by clicking in the lower right of the image once it pops, but there’s no visual cue. For example:

    I have the same problem … caption missing in one theme, but works in other themes. I have no nicetitle.js however in the theme (BlueBlack). a believer’s journal. Something else must be obstructing the title attribute.

    OK. It’s a css issue. BlueBlack text is white and does not show up against the white border of the lighbox enlarged image. How can I change the css to use black text only with the lightbox?

    Fixed it. Added color: #000000 to the #lightbox in the lightbox.css file.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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