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    My lightbox install to stream video from my server went fine… Activated and selected us secondary overlay…. But I use a template for my pages (under page attributes). When I make this selection the lightbox doenst work…. just opens a new page with the video playing. Could you PLEASE help. I am doing a launch for this site and need this functionalty in a big way… I have spent hours trying to make it work to no avail….
    I am not a “coder” but I am guessing there is just some “callup” or code that I need to add to the page I am using.
    Please help

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    Thought I would give you some more info:

    Page issue example:

    The link in the upper left that reads “Metapgms Demo Demonstration” is the link to the video.

    As I said it works fine with the default template but when I select a different template… (one that give me the look and security I need) the video opens in a new window with no background of any kind.

    Until someone who understand more comes along here is guess work: This WILL confuse you.

    You need to validate page, inkluding popup lightbox-test.html (lots of not closed stuff)

    How this will work I dont know. Seems like site is loading twice, 2 heads almost. 2 set of identical JS and CSS files.

    Also it seems like Lightbox Plus picks up link twice. You manage one via secondary lightbox but not no. 2

    <td colspan="3"><a class="lbpModal cboxElement" href="" rel="lightbox" width="720" height="405">Metapgms Demo Demonstration</a></div></td>

    Is that not genuine native Lightbox kicking in?

    what will play video? Link goes to

    And you start “player” with

    <a class="lbpModal" href="" rel="Secondary lightbox" width="720" height="405">Metapgms Demo Demonstration</a></div></td>

    But now “//embed/” is there. Something going on but what?

    I get a download offer. That </div> is one of the HTML errors. When you are doing this popup stuff you should probably not ignore errors. There are a not closed </p> there, another </td> there. Can mess things up badly.

    Also right under this you have

    $("a[rel*=lightbox]").colorbox({transition:"fade",innerWidth:"560",innerHeight:"315",initialWidth:"30%",initialHeight:"30%",maxWidth:"90%",maxHeight:"90%",opacity:0.8,fixed:true}); – see at the top. Not much action going on.

    Browser regard code as normal HTML and the $ will not work because of this script open, script close and change that $ to “jQuery” will fix this.

    Can you drop the extra html file, upload video to vimeo or youtube and get what you see on his page Oh that close button is blinking! but nm that. Make it EASY not complicated is what I would try.

    Or secret and solution is in how theme works. Layout is all table based from a shop that does not seem to have a clue about WP. They dont have 226 WordPress themes, they have 226 WordPress templates. 7515 in total. Yours is a xxxx-lite version so free I guess. You cant find better on this site? They are also free. Very few will have tables all over the place. So EASY for me would be not to use annoying theme. Why you are on WordPress 3.3 btw? This came as an autoinstall or something? Hmm. Now you dont want to hear more I think 😉

    But think, new WordPress 3.5, new proven to work updated theme – you will be so happy. After some cursing about this incident of course. I could be wrong but not 100% 😉

    Are you sure to call the footer in your template ?
    You can check : you must have a <?php get_footer(); ?> line at the bottom of yourTemplateName.php file).
    Lightbox plus plugin write script inside the footer (it seems to be the default setting).
    Maybe this is why it don’t work with this specific template.

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