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    At some point lightbox has stopped working on my website, cant seem to pinpoint the problem, however. When I click an image that is attached to a post, it just directs me to a new page, where it used to just pop up in a lightbox. Sorry if this is a very obvious problem, but I would really appreciate some suggestions on fixing it!

    Ive scoured the forums, and this seems like a common problem, but not of the other fixes worked for me. Was working fine after my last WP update and I made no other significant changes to the site other than adding new posts. I have the most current version of PHP, I’ve tested other themes, other lightbox type plugins, all to no avail.

    Help, please?

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  • Have you installed any new plugins recently? If so, it might have some javascript with it that conflicts with lightbox. Try disabling all your plugins (except lightbox) and turning them on one-by-one, testing lightbox for each one.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but it still doesnt seem to work, even with all other plugins deactivated. I’ve tried three different browsers as well, thinking maybe it just didnt like chrome. But, nope, none of them work.

    Im puzzled.

    Ive tried a new lightbox plugin, Simple LightBox, which seems to work with my other plug-ins too! Finally. Thanks again for your help, I’m calling this one resolved. (for now)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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