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    Off topic for a moment: You really want to give this a good read.

    The original poster marked his issue resolved. It was that user’s topic not yours or anyone else’s. If you have a problem start your own and that’s why I asked you to do so and closed that resolved topic.

    If you want to get help for your problem posting a topic yourself is the way to do it.

    Back to your problem:

    Give this a good read and see if any of that applies to your installation.

    If I select the “media” option it just goes to the solitary image. (no Lightbox Plus) If I set it to “attachment page” it shows a thumbnail which if then clicked on takes you to the same solitary image previously mentioned.(still no Lightbox Plus)

    Lightbox Plus relies on Javascript working correctly so consider enabling the js console and see if the browser is tossing any errors. If you do see errors can you report them here? Use backticks or the code button, some of those messages can get long.

    Edit: Forgot the link.

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    ok, well i am having this same issue.
    Here is the cause (as far as i can tell) and the work around:

    In my case, on the image’s settings, the Link URL is being truncated, so you will have to copy and paste the full/correct URL (it’s on the advanced settings page).

    There is a LINK REL setting coming out of nowhere on the image advance settings page that must be removed.

    After doing those two items all of my images began displaying properly in the (beautiful) Lightbox …

    my guess is this is a WP problem not a LightBox Plus problem..

    I can confirm that Lightbox in WP 3.5 appears messed up. I noticed this with my NextGenGallery that had been running fine prior to the latest WP upgrade. After going to 3.5 however, clicking on my thumbnails to popup a larger version resulted in the lightbox image appearing below and offscreen from what I was viewing! Since I was using the Lightbox2 plugin, I googled to see if there were any documented incompatibilities, but none to be found. Eventually I figured out to switch the NGG option to use Thickbox and Shutter, both of which worked, the latter better and closest to Lightbox2, but still not exact. Hoping that this helps someone smarter than I figure out what’s going on!

    Check here for my site using Shutter.

    Easy FancyBox is a reasonable alternative (IMHO).

    Ian D

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    I can confirm Lightbox Plus and WordPress galleries do work fine as can be seen here.

    Primary Lightbox with WordPress Gallery

    There does seem to be a slight display glitch due to my theme on the thumbnails where they shift. There does seem to be a problem, unrelated, of all the galleries being confused into a single lightbox.

    Please report any error messages (JavaScript or otherwise) I will look into issues of handling the link URLs in a way that ensures completeness.

    Great work Dan, everything is working great now. Thank you.

    I just upgraded to version 2.5.4 and the galleries do not work. The images open in another new window, as if there were no plugin

    In the rest of images working properly

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    @alfredo49 Please read the FAQ and try the steps listed.

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