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  1. OliverJDB
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi All.

    I'm thinking of using Lightbox Plus to display html, inline content.

    The plugin settings/usage advises you to use this format of code:

    <a class="lbp-inline-link-1" href="#">Inline HTML Content</a>
    <div style="display:none">
        <div id="lbp-inline-link-1" style="padding: 10px;background: #fff">
            Inline Content Goes Here

    It then says this:
    "In order to display inline content using Lightbox Plus and Colorbox you must at a minimum has the following items set: Inner Width, Inner Height, and Use Iframe must be checked."

    My question is, is this code some kind of iFrame? I didn't think it was but this help message has thrown me. I also cannot find an option for 'Use iFrame' in the settings at all - so perhaps it's a relic of an outdated version.

    I'm just avoiding iFrames at all costs due to SEO (but really want to use a funky lightbox!)

    Thanks in advance.

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