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Lightbox Plus Colorbox Back page problem

  • Hi everybody (apologize for my bad english)

    I have a problem with Lightbox Plus Colorbox that is getting me crazy. Apparently is quite simple but I don’t know how to fix it. My site is http://www.enprimerafila.es, it is a concert and rock and roll site.

    I have posts on my site with images inside, one example is this:


    Inside the post I have images, when I click in one of the images, the lightbox is opened and show the pic correctly, I can go back and forward with arrow keys or clicking…that’s fine….BUT, every time I open an image, in the address bar of the explorer appears this:


    I mean…the page increase with these ‘#!lightbox[whatever]’ links. The problem is when I close the lightbox, if I want back to the previous page on my site, I have to press the back page buttom on my explorer so many times as pics I opened in the lightbox. If I open three pictures, three time to really go back to the previous page on my site…If I opened ten pics…ten times!

    I noticed the problem with Explorer 8 & 9 versions and with Chrome last version, I didn’t check other explorers. I really did a lot of changes and tests to fix it but I didn’t find the solution.

    Is any easy way to resolve this?…I have dozens of posts already set up. I really like Lightbox Plus Colorbox and I don’t want to change the Lightbox.

    Thanks for your help and best regards.



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