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    Hi guys,
    I tried to optimize my blog in terms of pagespeed today. That for I deactivated my lightbox plusin “simple lightbox” and tried to reactivate it later on. Although it shows up as working perfectly fine, not one of all the pics on my website use the plugin anymore. I tried also a different lightbox plugin “responsive lightbox” but apparently it does not get used by wordpress either.

    What I also did in terms of speeding up the site was to activate some of the standard settings in “WP super cache”. I also added some blocks to my HTACCESS file for compressing code and also for optimizing browsercache.

    Everything on the site works perfectly fine for me except the lightbox plugins which are cucial to me as I’m working with many galeries 🙁

    I’m absolutely no pro and I got no pro I could ask so hopefully you got some tips what I could do to have the lightbox up and running again.


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  • esmi


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    First, identify which lightbox plugin you are using and then post in that plugin’s dedicated forum via its page in the Plugin Repository.



    Well, as two different plugins, no matter which settings I tried, do not work at all. Not a bit. The one plugin (simple lightbox) I used for over a year now day in and day out stopped working from one second to the other.

    That’s why I don’t think the plugins are the cause of the problem… problem is I do not know WHAT might’ve cause the situation.



    Apparently it now seems that not only the lightbox plugins stopped working… I’m using a theme called “pagelines framework” which worked in the past perfectly fine. Now the “carousel” view i had right below the header image is broken; if displayed it’s not displayed as beautiful images anymore but as strangely aligned bulleted list of Images.

    Also Navigation seems not to work the way it formerly worked. I’m using a menu based on my blogs categories. Now only the main categories are shown but subcategories are simply not displayed.

    Is it possible the smaller changes in htaccess file caused all this?

    • lightbox plugins (not just one) not working at all
    • Menus not working as they should (and did)
    • certain parts of the theme not working (as they did before)
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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