• I am using a mapping/georeference theme and I managed to get Photonic to show a gallery inside a post. When I click on the photos I don’t get a lightbox, but a new window that shows the photo or gallery in Flickr. Based on what I’ve read in the support page, I’ve tried to see if other plugins or the theme have a window.open function, but nothing shows up. I tried turning slideshow on and off.

    I am wondering if there is something simple i’m missing or if the interaction between the theme and Photonic might be too complicated!

    Example: e http://educacaoaberta.org/cps/?p=713



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  • Here is an update. If you click on any of the photos (http://educacaoaberta.org/cps/#p=1101), you go directly to “farm.flickr…” showing the image directly in the browser.
    If I turn off the box settings (Inbuilt Lightbox libraries = NONE), then it goes directly to flickr and shows the image in its page.

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