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    Just updated the plugin and it seems to have broken the lightbox. When I set links in the settings to open in lightbox it now opens in the same window w/o the lightbox. Please help…. It was working before the update. I even tried to downgrade but no luck.

    Also, shortcode stopped working, i am using the [showmore] tag on some of my feeds and it stopped working as well. It was working prior to the updated.

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  • Plugin Author Allen


    Nothing was changed on the recent version that should have affected the lightbox or the shortcode parameters. Did you customize a template that you were using (and not save it)? Do you have a url where I can see the where this isn’t working?

    Thanks for the reply:

    The only thing I changed in the template was text in the link from “read at source” to “Read More” in the /templates/clean_separated.php file. The link is

    Also can I hide the excerpt on some feeds but not others?

    Plugin Author Allen


    ok…here’s what I see…the lightbox javeascript is not getting loaded on your web site…the only way to find out what’s causing this (most likely another plugin or something else) is to deactivate some plugins to see if this solves the problem. As for the Read More, as mentioned in the admin section, when WordPress pushes a new version it overwrite all the templates and everything, which is why you need to save any customizations (which you can do using the template options tab).

    The problems you are running into are javascript conflict problems..and since I can see you have a bunch of other javascript running on your site, it’s likely a conflict that is making this happen.

    Again, the only way anybody finds out what’s going on in these situations is to deactivate other plugins until you find it working again.

    Thank you, I have actually tried that but must not have got the right one that is breaking the jquery. I will try again.

    It looks like the short code is actually working now, maybe it was a cache issue.

    Is there shortcode for hiding the excerpt on some feeds but not others?

    Plugin Author Allen


    There isn’t a shortcode parameter for that yet..but if you contact me at

    I can send you an updated file that will give you this ability.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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