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    A bunch of problems…

    1. Lightbox
    – There should be a switch “use lightbox” in prferences
    – While thumb might very well lead to a lightboxed image, clicking on the title should lead to the normal image page
    – The lightbox used is not responsive, making it useless on phones.
    – Old images (uploaded before 2.7) do not include the meta/comment section on lightbox view

    2. Translation
    – There are still a LOT of strings that are not object to translation through the language files… Even basic terms like Photos, albums, …

    3. Widget
    – Does not work with privacy settings other than “0” = public, even for logged in users etc

    4. Activity posting
    – The image should not show up in the BP profile together with the last post text. It breaks the layout.
    – Not sure if this is feasible: Commenting an image should be the same as commenting the corresponding activity. Comments of the image do not show up in the activity stream at all.

    5. Others
    – Still, favoriting an image will not show the post/image/link in the favorites list

    BP 1.7 Beta2 here.

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  • Plugin Contributor Saurabh Shukla



    Thanks for all the feedback. We appreciate this a lot!

    1. Lightbox
    – agreed. We’ll add this in the next update
    – would be a little confusing for users, the step above should eliminate the need. If the detailed single page view is desired, we’ll add a “View Details” link leading to it on the lightbox.
    – This is just the first implementation. We’ll refine it.
    – Could you post a link to an instance?

    2. Translation
    – Could you post a few examples using the GitHub repo as reference

    3. Widget
    – That was a quick fix for the latest release. We’ll fix this in the next update. Thanks for pointing this out.

    4. Activity Posting
    – We are a little unsure of how that should be handled. Probably show very small thumbnails or not show images at all. You could help out with ideas. We do want to add the media goodness to the latest update.
    – This is how it is implemented currently. But it’s a little complicated. Let me know, if you’d be interested in the details.

    – This one is unexpected.

    Now, could you share the link and dummy user credentials at so we could look into the issues, live.


    GREAT work that you constantly keep updating the plugin.

    1. Lightbox
    – Thanks. I’d love to see more options here. Most (professional) themes already use some lightbox, e.g. prettyphoto – it would be nice to add a “add rel=” option.
    – I agree.
    – …
    – I had to lose the old images, since i am still in closed test phase. Never mind.

    2. Well… Translation improved a LOT.
    – “All Albums” should translate to “Alle Alben”, but says “Alle Albums”
    – Same with “Alle Photos”, should be “Alle Fotos”
    – “Sorry, keine photos gefunden.” should be “Sorry, keine Fotos gefunden”
    – and so on, you’ll get the pattern here. I assume you use something like echo $type here – since the types dont change, they are not translated.
    – “Upload” is not translatable
    – Please also provide the .po files so one can refine the translation.

    3. Quick fix. Thanks.

    4. Activity
    – Never mind i purged it using CSS
    – I understand. Commenting the post “xyz has posted a new update” with the image does not comment the image. Same with other actions… I understand that FB handles that the same way (liking a post is different from liking an image), so maybe it would confuse the user.

    5. I’ll do that eventually.

    NEW findings:

    6. BP user menu (top right in buddybar)
    – The BP user menu always show all media types, regardless of en-/disabled
    – The Media entry in the menu should not be the first one… confusing.

    7. Activity
    – I use the BP-Like plugin. It works throughout the site, but liking an image leads to an activity post “user xyz likes a post from a few seconds ago”. The “from” user name is missing, and clicking on “post” does link to a status that does not exist… Not sure if this is a BP-Like issue though.

    Keep up the great work!

    ad 7.
    actually, this seems to be an issue with your plugin. the mails telling the user that someone has commented a picture also link to a 404 page, because it links to a status update (…/p/1234) instead of linking to the media.

    Plugin Contributor Saurabh Shukla


    That happens because the comments and likes are bound to the activity and not the image. Each image comes with an activity (for commenting and other meta actions).

    This may or may not be the activity that is shown in the stream (in case, multiple images are uploaded). This activity is hence hidden from the timeline.

    The meta is then for the hidden activity that is not accessible.

    Ideally, we should be able to filter the notifications generated and replace the link to the activity with a link to the media url, but there’s much to be desired in the core code of BuddyPress here.

    We’re exploring a few hacks and/or patching the core. this will take a little while.

    Plugin Contributor Saurabh Shukla


    And the admin bar menu is something that is a problem that we haven’t found a good solution for. This is also likely to take a little while.

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