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  • Hello

    I’m looking for a free lightbox type gallery plugin with masonry grid that fully supports svg files.

    All plugins I’ve tested so far fail on many browsers by not showing full sized svg picture after clicking on it. Usually picture is super small or not show at all. Surprisingly Safari browser is the only one that somehow gets it right.
    But I need some solution adaptable to all browsers.

    Is it even possible? I Don’t know anything about coding but I think all this need is information to make the svg as big as the screen size allows.

    I attach link to my page. Black and white drawings are jpg colored ones are svg and they display wrong.
    [ redundant link removed ]
    Thanks for any help

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I’m guessing it would be on how those images are handled. When I added an explicit size to the element the image showed up fine.

    What plugins have you tried? Did you try contacting the developers about that? I’m sure there would be at least one who would be happy to find a good solution for that

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