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    Hi- I just came accross the Elementor editor and try to do my first steps.
    Was able to insert an image, but wasn’t able to find a lightbox functionality (image opens in a larger view after clicking on it).
    Didn’t found the keyword lightbox in the knowledge base,and would be thankful if someone might be able to help with this issue.

    Kind regards & Thanks

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  • Walid


    Lightbox functionality for a single image is not available.

    Lightbox is built in with image gallery.

    So if you want light box functionality on a single image – then insert that image in “image gallery” widget. Then in settings , set the columns option to 1 , and image size option to full.

    Thats it. You have lightbox to view your image.

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    Hello walidmahade –
    thanks for your reply. Great Tip, works perfectly.

    @walidmahade – hmmm, not working for me on two test sites.



    @learnwpbasics what problems are you having ? explain a please.

    @reca26 please mark this whole thread as resolved.

    @walidmahade – the method you described for the lightbox in the Elementor image gallery does not work on both of my two test sites. From what I have seen while using it for a while now, there is no lightbox functionality in any of the image display widgets; image, image box, image gallery. That is why I am curious as to how you got it to work for your and also how @reca26 got it to work ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Hello Learn WP Basics –
    – choosed the gallery
    – inserted image
    – choosed 1 row
    – choosed the large image size
    – and choosed the first point in the dropdown menu (“Datei” in the german version)
    – finally i saved the changes

    Back in the frontend:
    – I refreshed the page
    – after a click on the image a full-size (nearly full screen) version of the image was displayed

    Hope this helps. I’m new to Elementor. I use to work with “Tailor”.
    Tried to add a screen shot, but it isn’t possible to upload an image. They require an URL from a service or so.
    Regards Reca

    @reca26 – thanks for the explanation, but that is not a “lightbox”, it is merely opening the image.

    With a true lightbox, the image would open in a pop-up modal window as an overlay on the page ๐Ÿ™‚



    @learnwpbasics this is the site I am creating now using elementor. Check the our work section. this is the available lightbox functionality in elementor.

    Also be sure to use the latest version of elementor.

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    @walidmahade – I will have to disagree, that is not the Elementor Image Gallery widget on that page. According to the View Source of that page, there is the Gallery Bank Pro plugin at work ๐Ÿ™‚



    @learnwpbasics I have both of the plungins in use. But the home page is using regular elementors image gallery widget. O am sure of it.

    @walidmahade – well, I don’t know what to say, other than what you have there is not what I have available in my latest version of Elementor, 0.10.3 ๐Ÿ™‚



    @learnwpbasics what theme are you using, it I just found out , lighbox was from my themes default functionality….

    Just use this or this type of plugins to open any image/ image gallery in lightbox –

    And please accept my sincere apology for overlooking the basic fact of ” different themes “.
    Best regards.

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    @walidmahade – And I should have picked up on that too! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am using GeneratePress and also Genesis + Dynamik Website Builder.

    Thanks for the link ๐Ÿ™‚


    Iยดve downloaded simple lightbox plugin for the lightbox feature as well. I have found a bug though. When I have an image carousel widget AND an image gallery widget in the same page, when an image is clicked, ALL images are grouped together instead of only those in the widget. I do have the group widget images checked in the settings of simple lightbox

    Here I have a page with both widgets in the same page

    When one of the images is clicked, they are all grouped in and some pics get duplicated somehow

    I was going to post this issue in another thread but I thought it would be better to consolidate into one. I would mark this as unresolved.


    so there is nothing for close the “lightbox” ? execept to go to the previous page seriously ?;;;

    is an other lightbox plug in working well with elementor ?


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