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  • Hello Photoswipe Masonry/Dean Oakley. I have a conflict on my website caused by the premium theme that I purchased. What happens is that whenever I click on an image, it first opens the Photoswipe Masonry lightbox but it’s then redirected to the direct image url in full screen. It overides the lightbox. I did all the troubleshooting steps recommended on the plugin page and I was able to narrow it down to the theme itself, as the problem disappears when I use a default WordPress theme. You can see it happens here on my band website: (shortened Google URL since I don’t want people searching for my band to find this threat in Google)

    Here are some print screens showing what happens:
    -This is my Gallery:
    -When I click on an image to open it, it’s supposed to open in the Photoswipe Masonry lightbox like this:
    -But the Shuffle theme forces the image to open to a direct URL (over-riding the lightbox) so it looks like this:

    I contacted the premium theme designers hoping that they could give me a quick fix on disabling this forced url redirect and they want to charge me an exuberant amount of a few hundred dollars just to get me the code to disable it with. I’m just a small band so I really don’t see that as being an option for me, especially considering that I already paid for the theme to begin with.

    Now I know that it’s not your job to customize and individually fix every single plugin user’s website. But I was wondering if you had come across a similar issue in the past and could give me some tips on how I could fix this myself?

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  • Hi Alex. Thanks for posting this publicly. Seeing as it’s a theme conflict you are best to pay for the developers fix. A few hundred sounds pretty cheap as it is custom work. Other developers would charge a lot more. Otherwise you could look for similar themes that don’t have integrated galleries.

    Thread Starter Alex


    Wow thanks for making me wait this long then brushing me off.

    It takes time looking into your site and the problem and give you the best advice I can. We don’t operate a free web development service, sorry.

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