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  • Plugin Author ulfben


    You have a problem with your pinterest plugin. Try resolving that and see if the lightbox start behaving right again.

    I don’t have a pinterest plugin, I just had a line in the header to add it manually, I took that out but the problem is still occurring.

    I disabled all plugins and the problem is still occurring.

    All of the social media buttons are a part of the template and not via a plugin.

    Any other suggestions? Would it help to see my header file?

    Plugin Author ulfben


    Wether a plugin or not, the pinterest script is throwing an error on your site. That’s never usefull.

    I doubt it’s got anything to do with the lightbox, but you really can’t tell until the warnings have been eliminated. If we assume the broken script isn’t cascading mischief, we can only explain the lightbox behaviour by “something fishy is going on with the height of your page”. That’s a pretty involved thing to debug so I can’t really help you with it.

    Try swapping your theme out for the default TwentyTwelve and see if that behaves better.

    Thanks for your help, I will test further and see what I can find out.

    An awesome developer helped me discover the issue! He did a lot of troubleshooting and even set up another installation to test it. This is what he found:

    The Doctype HTML declaration was at the top of the header.php file:

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    However, the <?php get_header(); ?> was not the first thing in the template files, I had other PHP code first, so I just moved the <?php get_header(); ?> to the top, like so:

    <?php get_header(); ?>

    $page = $_REQUEST[‘page’]; //gets page number for title
    if (!$page) { //if page number is blank, it must be 1
    $page = 1;

    and now the lightbox is showing up correctly. Hope this can help someone else out as well!


    Plugin Author ulfben


    Thanks for sharing the solution, that’s awesome.

    Exactly the same issue, thanks for the solution 🙂


    I’m having a slightly different set of rules on my index page, which, on homepage only, brings me this exact problem with WP jQuery Lightbox.

    The trouble is that I can’t move get_header on top of the page because it messes my <style> configuration – it loads the original header a moment earlier than it should.

    Perhaps it is worth mentioning that this problem doesn’t occur with the earlier versions of jQuery. Everything above 1.5.2., however, most persistently produces the issue. At the moment, I’m using 1.8.3.

    ulfben, can you kindly resolve this bugbear in the next version of the plugin or is there something that we can do?



    Thanks, I was heatin’ my head to the keyboard trying to solve this, then finally I found your solution.

    Sounds like your issue is the same as mine but I put your solution in the header PHP file but didnt make any difference.

    Would appreciate a little newbie help with the whole lightbox thing. I get it all working but it just shows the image to far down the browser. I just want to fix it so that the slideshow or images just get shown further up the page past the header etc and stay there.



Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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