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  • Using Window 7, I try to move my Firefox window to my second monitor. I click the title bar and drag it. It resizes a bit as it should and then stops moving. After several seconds, I get an error saying that a script has stopped working. When I look at that script, it’s the one used by Lightbox 2.

    If I disable Lightbox 2 in my WordPress 3.1 dashboard, everything works fine. Also, it works fine – even with the plugin enabled – in Chrome.

    BTW, I’ve been using Lightbox 2 on this site for a long time and never had a problem with until I upgraded to WP 3.1 today.

    I’ve disabled the plugin for now, but my site relies on Lightbox 2, so how do I fix it?


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  • I don’t know if it has something to do with windows 7, I still got vista but Lightbox 2 works very well on two pages with WP 3.1. With firefox and IE.

    Not working for me either – just noticed. When I click on an image that used to work, in Safari or Firefox, no lightbox, just the image on a separate web page.

    That’s on a Mac, BTW

    Thanks Alan for raising this question. I’ve similar problem with one of my sites. I really appreciate if anyone/developer can show us how to deal with this. Thanks in advance .

    I’ve switched to a different lightbox plugin: Auto Thickbox. It works perfectly, but it doesn’t allow my visitors to use their keyboard cursor keys to browse through the photos the way Lightbox 2 does. Oh well, at least it doesn’t break my site.


    My first impression is that it has something to do with the theme. I have two websites using this plugin. One works fine ( and the other is broken ( This is with Internet Explorer. Both website work fine with FireFox.

    I found out that it has something to do with a new version of jQuery that comes with WP 3.1. Replacing the file jquery.js (../wp-includes/js/jquery/) with the older versions from WP 3.0.5 solves my issues.

    Of course it would be nice not to use a workaround, but rather have a new version from lightbox2.

    Download version 3.0.5:

    I’ve never tried to replace individual files in WordPress before.

    Is it simply a matter of uploading the jquery file (in wp-includes) from WP3.05 to my server to overwrite the existing jquery folder there?



    Yes, it is just as simple as that.
    Just to be sure, I only replaced the file jquery.js in this folder. Not the entire folder.


    Hi ElFregadero,

    Thanks that worked.

    In case anyone else needs a step-by-step:

    I used Filezilla to copy jquery.js from the WP3.05 install (it’s in the js folder inside wp-includes) to my server – overwriting the existing jquery.js file.

    Then I deactivated the Auto Thickbox plugin and reactivated Lightbox2. Everything works as before.

    I wonder if having an “old” version of jquery.js will cause any problems with any new plupgins I might install later on. Guess we’ll have to see.

    Thanks again,


    the tip to replace the jquery file was awesome, and i tried it ,though it did not work for me 🙁
    i had to install the auto thickbox, which is soooooo far away from lightbox2’s amazing css and keyboard navigation…

    any guess what i can do?

    I am afraid I can’t help you there. I noticed it could have also something to do with the choosen theme, changing it might help, but this is probably not the solution you were looking for.

    I do agree with you on the wanted functionallity regarding the use of the keyboard etc., so I’am looking for an other plugin, otherwise this issue will return with every new version of WP. I will post it back here whenever I found one I like.


    we might want to write to lightbox2 developer to update the plugin .
    it ‘s one of the bests.

    that ‘s weird. it s now working ….. :O
    well, let me say i m happy and i don t wanna know how or why not it works :DD
    maybe before the jqeuery file was not refreshed. don’t know 🙂

    Just upgraded WordPress, and am having the same issues with three other lightboxes (WP-Slimbox2 quit working, so I tried Lightbox 2 and Lightbox Plus as well… to no avail.) Had to install Auto Thickbox for the time being, which aside from being clunky, works perfectly.

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