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  • I have the Lightbox 2 from Rupert Morris installed on my Blog. It doesn’t seem to work on every image I put in my posts. Some posts the images show up in the lightbox, other posts the images show up on by themselves in a blank page.

    I’ve tried it in a couple different themes, but it doesn’t appear to be a theme issue.

    Anyone else use this Lightbox Plugin? Or have one they use successfully?

    my blog is:

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    same problem over here, my config:

    – wordpress 2.8.6
    – theme Atahualpa 3.4.4
    – plugin Lazyest Gallery
    – plugin Lightbox 2 2.8.2

    I’m testing great theme, but it obviously the Lightbox 2 2.8.2 doesn’t work correctly. When I switch to default theme it’s working fine.

    Can someone explain what and where should we do?



    Lightbox 2.8.2 isn’t working for me either. I’m using it with Cleaner Gallery 0.7 on WordPress 2.9.

    Lightbox stopped working on the upgrade to 2.9.

    Any thoughts?



    Lightbox 2 used to work for me with Elegantthemes ePhoto theme, but now with WordPress 2.9.1 and Lightbox 2 2.8.2 it doesn’t work.


    I noticed that it doesn’t work when I’m using jquery 1.3.2 minified. I should probably try it with the latest jquery version.

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

    Lightbox works but you have to wait for the page to completely load.

    It has been the same even if used outside of WP projects.

    I have the same issue, I created a gallery and it works fine but if I insert an individual image it goes to another page??

    Any ideas?

    I think I had this same problem.

    On the site I was looking at the lightboxed images perform normally on all pages except one, where they appear on their own in the window rather than in a lightbox. Originally they appeared normally, then without any change of theme, wordpress version, or plugin, the lightbox stopped working after a page edit.

    When the link is clicked, the page starts to be be darkened as if a lightbox was starting, but then instead of the image appearing in the middle of the page, it flicks over as if an ordinary link had been triggered.

    The site I looked at had:
    Lightbox 2.92
    Wordpress 2.91
    Custom theme (but WordPress Default 1.6 did exactly the same)

    Freesouldesign, no, it’s not a page load issue in this case. You can load the page and leave it for 5 mins before you try the links, and they still won’t work. Different browsers and different machines all show exactly the same behaviour.

    I went through the code of the page carefully, and discovered that there was a place where an image had been deleted. The img tag had been removed, but the a href tags around the image were still lurking invisibly in the HTML. I assume that the WYSIWYG editor that the site owner was using did this accidentally when he tried to remove a photo by selecting it and pressing ‘delete’: it didn’t delete all the code.

    My guess is that this confused the javascript: it was trying to automagically amend the link to make a lightbox, but the image it was supposed to work on wasn’t there. So, the script simply fell over and refused to lightbox any of the images in the page. (same would happen with posts, I think but as it happens I was working with pages).

    Removing the <a href=""...></a> from the code fixed the problem on the site I was looking at. So if you have this issue, may be worth zapping the images in your post, then go into HTML view on your editor and remove any links that they may have left behind, then re-add the pics.

    I have been having a few problems with this too. The plugin seems to have stopped automatically adding the rel=”lightbox code to images. If I look at one of my posts from a week ago and view source, I see that it is there and the images load in a lightbox. But one I did recently does not have the rel=”lightbox in the source code when I view it and it does not load images in a lightbox. It appears that for me the autolightboxing no longer works.

    The only thing I changed was the Media settings and made the medium images max 600 px wide as that is how wide the blog is.

    Not working: (scary title, my 1 year old son had an infection)

    Any ideas?

    Lightbox 2 ver 2.9.2
    WordPress 2.9.2

    I’ve had this trouble too. I agree that it is not a page load issue. You can wait until the browser says “done” and then even wit beyond that and the Lightbox effect still doesn’t work. I have also noticed that the rel="lightbox" tags are not being added to the code.

    It doesn’t seem to work for me either:
    Not working:


    what i did notice was when i put just one image for the typography post it opened in lightbox just was after i added the rest that it stopped.

    This just popped up for me, too. Everything’s updated. Lightbox no longer loads up, and it did in the beginning. Instead, it just links me the image file. I’ve done nothing to alter the code regarding lightbox, so I’m unsure of why it’s suddenly stopped working.

    I’m using Photosmash for my gallery template/widget, and flickrexpress, but I don’t need flickrexpress to open things in lightbox.

    Thanks for any help.

    I had this same problem and read through this forum. Cycas’s fix above was the problem for me too.

    I hadn’t deleted any images, but when I looked through the html there were blank
    links with nothing in them preceding the real <a...><img></a> code.

    Hope that helps!

    Doesn’t seem to work on WordPress 3.0 RC2…..

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