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    I’m not so sure on how to solve this.

    I have the latest LifterLMS + a purchased copy of Woocommerce Extension..

    ..for the simplest of subscriptions with this plugin:

    My goal was that when you purchase one product, you will get 12 months access (to 3 courses for example). And 12 months later, you will be un-enrolled from the courses. No complicated auto charging or re-enrollment or anything like that. If they want new access, they can purchase that again.

    But I can’t figure out a way of doing that with the Woocommerce product linking to three courses.

    I can’t set a time-out on the lifterlms Memberships (that would be the best) as there is the place where I link the woocommerce product, and to the three courses.

    I can’t see anywhere to set on courses either, maybe it’s visible when you don’t have WooCommerce Extension installed?

    And I don’t know how to use a subscription plugin to fix this either.

    Got any ideas?

    I wrote this here instead of your webpage as it might benefit others stuck with the same, or similar thing.

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  • @frediscom

    I am not familiar with the subscriptions plugin you’re using so I’m not certain that we are compatible with it

    If you want one product to provide access to multiple courses you need to follow the steps here: https://lifterlms.com/docs/getting-started-with-lifterlms-and-woocommerce/#bundles

    If you do not have the WooCommerce Add on enabled, none of this is possible: https://lifterlms.com/product/woocommerce-extension/

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    Yes, I purchased that add on, and it’s licensed and enabled. WooCommerce part works.
    I have figured out how to have multiple courses, but not membership time-outs.

    But I don’t know how to make them Expire, when the time is out. And I can’t set any durations of the memberships when I got your woocommerce extension.

    Even if I uninstall the yith woocommerce subscription, and only have LifterLMS + Woocommerce + Woocommerce LifterLMs Extension. I can’t set memberships (and users un-enrolled) with the lifterlms woocommerce expansion enabled.


    Oh I understand now,

    We have expiration settings via our native access plan settings but we haven’t built expirations via WooCommerce.

    We are looking to improve our WooCommerce add on but at this moment, without the use of WooCommerce Subscriptions, there is no way to automatically expire users. Unless you use LifterLMS native gateways and access plans.

    My apologies,

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    But will this work if I purchase WooCommerce Subscription?
    When the sucbscription expires, how does it un-enroll them from the courses.

    It would be great if the LifterLMS handles the un-enrollment part after a set period of time. I’m ok with setting it twice manually.. (one timer in LifterMLS, and another Timer in Woocommerce Subscription)

    As long as they are set the same, and triggered the same date, they would un-enroll perfectly.

    I hope you understand how I’m thinking here. 🙂



    From our getting started guide on WooCommerce:

    Subscription Unenrollment Status(es): When a WooCommerce subscription reaches any of the selected statuses, the customer will be removed from every course and membership associated with all products in the order. We recommend selecting “On Hold”, “Cancelled”, and “Expired”.

    If you set your subscriptions to only last 1 year, for example, it will expire and unenroll the student from courses & memberships automatically.

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    Ah, so the old order goes into “Expired” once the subscription runs out on WooCommerce Subscriptions.
    That plugin was quite expensive. So I wanted to avoid purchasing that one. But I guess I don’t have much options.


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