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    I have been setting up courses in English and so far I love this plugin. Thank you for this wonderfol LMS plugin!

    But, I have multilingual site and would like to have multilingual courses as well.

    Unfortunately I can’t translate a course which is just a custom post type. Actually, I can translate it and as an administrator I can even see it in different languages, but if not logged in and switching language, I receive 404 not found.

    I have been testing many multilingual WP plugins and WPML looks like very advanced tool. I have been translating many sites with it. It translates even plugins and strings deep inside in the code. I was really surprised that it can’t go along with LifterLMS.

    One option would be to create completely separate courses with different languages for courses, lessons, quizzes, but that is definitely not the way multilingual stuff should work.

    Do you have any experience with WPML and would it be possible to have courses, lessons and quizzes translatable?

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  • Hi @rubidze

    Take a look at this link here:

    This should help solve the issue you’re having.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you @jnr4u2 for checking into this. Your suggested link did not help to solve my problem, but I managed to find a partial solution for this. I’ll write down few of my findings in case they might be useful to others who try to translate their courses.

    Error 404 (Not found) was caused by feature located WPML -> Settings -> Translated documents options. The setting was Draft which caused new translations to be saved as draft and thus not being visible in front-end for non-logged in users. To fix existing pages that were in draft status, I had to open them in page editor in that language and hit Publish button on upper right corner.

    So, course page is now translated but all Access Plans, Existing Enrollments, Course Options and Syllabus is missing. It appears that none of the course metadata is replicated to translated courses.

    As I understand, LifterLMS treats translated courses as completely different courses. We could even treat different languages as different courses. Every student will get enrolled to a course in that language they have chosen for their site language. Unfortunately the will be unable to switch between languages during the course as if they have enrolled to course in language A, they won’t see course in language B.

    It gets more complicated while translating quizzes and questions. For courses and lessons we have an area in admin where we can translate them, but for questions there is no menu. How could we get to translating questions?

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    You have 3 open topics about WPML compatibility.

    I am so very sorry you’re having issues here. We simply don’t have WPML compatibility in LifterLMS and until we have a lot more internal capacity we’re not going to be able to focus development effort on adding compatibility.

    This is not a bug in LifterLMS it’s a compatibility issue. We don’t claim to be compatible so the fact that we are not is not a bug. I wish I could allocate resources to adding compatibility but it’s very very complicated to do (despite what WPML docs may state). We have a very complicated structure of relationships between different types of post types and the WPML schema doesn’t make this simple for us to adhere to. We’ve looked into what’s required in the past and we’ve started trying to add compatibility but have had to stop several times because we simply don’t have the resources to rewrite significant portions of the LifterLMS codebase to accommdate WPML’s requirements.

    My apologies,

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