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    Hey if you read this, DON’T BUY BRIZY. You’ll be disappointed!!! I HATE IT!

    BASICALLY IT’S almost a SCAM…! Lifetime License isn’t even worth it. At least not yet and since I looked at the developement for a year, they mostly bug fixed and added secondary usage modules etc, but almost didn’t work on the UI and real features.
    ONLY TALK… JUST COMPARE IT with any other builder. ONLY NOOBS WILL FALL FOR IT AND you’ll get stuck WHEN YOU WANT TO BUILD an advanced Website. I’m also stupid for buying the Lifetime License. Better save 50$ and buy divi and at least have fun building websites!

    Dispite having a hype and it had hopes… the developers aren’t good enought and can’t build even Basic Features…
    Good Luck trying just to add Text Shadows, Text Gradients or have any advanced Features at all (No Options for most basic things!)
    You can only build mostly basic boring Websites. Also the UI is boring and the Menu un-intuitive. Even as a Webdesigner I find it confusing and it doesn’t make sense.
    Also there are bugs, bad bugs and you’ll get stuck.
    And the Images from the Pre-Build Designs will always load and load and load again and again when you open it again!

    Of course it’s not just bad things to say. It’s cool that you can quickly add pre build designs and change the colors all at once, but it seems almost that this is the only and the main Part of the Main Menu (Fonts). You can’t really do anything else there. ADD, REORDER BLOCKS AND STYLING (VERY LIMITED)

    Every Block Option is very limited to the very basic.

    You be much better off getting divi builder or oxygen builder. You’d be at least happy building websites. Just compare them and you’ll find out!
    They are the best on the market right now for sure, except you work with woocommerce, wich is not possible with Brizy as well, you may choose something else (maybe elementor or something..?)

    I don’t know how many people having also Problems with Brizy, I talked to many people, you can read it or ask any advanced user, who really testet all page builders (not just for review cash) but really tested them.

    I wished for it to be good, but again and again dissapointed by the Changelog, because they added almost only secondary instead of primary features.

    Brizy is only good for real basic websites that don’t stand out or are not unique all over the internet (also not good seo, because of this)

    So better the developers rethink the UI and usabillity from Brizy or it will go down.
    Only Noobs will buy Brizy at this stage. You may come back in 3 years… there will be a Lifetime Option still avaiable at least 😀

    I’m really a positive guy, honest and really write alot of good things, but I’m just really dissappointed with Brizy and how the developers work here and about the false hype, wich was just fake!

    Having tryed it 6 times in various stages over the years, everytime it wasn’t good.
    Expect, after having added the first steps and designs, not going further and your site will suck.

    Maybe it will get better some day, who knows..
    Hope you think about that… developers. You need to listen to your users first.
    Don’t be just basic… be better.

    If you make it better one day, I’ll change my review, but for now Brizy worth only 1 Star and NEVER 300$!

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    I’m sorry, to be honest it’s hard to reply to your review. To put it lightly, I strongly disagree with it, never mind there are statements in there that are straight lies.

    Here is a perfect example of a “boring website” made 100% with Brizy:

    As part of our perfectly elaborated “SCAM” we’ve created a refund policy as well, you only need to ask for your cash back and we’ll sent it to you.

    Take it easy 😉

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