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  • zeeg


    I’ve released the first version of my plugin which I’m calling “LifeStream“. I didn’t see anything too similar that achieved the same goal that I wanted, so I went ahead and built my own.

    The app is very extendable, and allows you to display a mini-feed of your activity on other websites.

    Some included plugins:
    – Twitter
    – Facebook
    – Digg
    – Pownce

    I’m going to be doing a pretty big upgrade to it, but I wanted to get an initial version out to get feedback.

    Some of the things I want to do yet:

    – Feeds data will change. Every feed will simple store a chunk of information and then be able to spit it out formatted however you want. (think of facebook photo album stories).
    – More functions inside of the template to allow better customization (right now you can only output one feed with no choices).

    So, if anyones interested (which I hope some of you are), I’m looking for what you’d like added and changed. If you have a recommendation for a plugin to be added to the default just give me the URL to the site and I’ll what I can do.

    You can view it in action here:

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  • larscsim


    I am unable to activate the plugin, as it gives me a “fatal error”. Unmodified version of WP 2.6.

    Does anyone know a plugin like this that actually works with 2.6? I tried RSS stream as well, it “called to an undefined function”, so no luck there either.

    All issues should be solved that were around in previous versions.

    I recommend trying out 0.5 as I’ve made the codebase much more error friendly (it’ll tell you to not use PHP4, for example).

    The support for feeds has also been greatly increased.

    It’s good and cool. If only you can get rid of those tables and use li, ol or dt instead…

    Hello! I currently use this plugin on my blog, but after trying to browse through the plugin files, I’m unable to find where the icons png’s are being “called” from. Basically, I want to reroute the call from the /lifestream/images folder to point to a folder on my CDN host. The file and line number(s) where these calls are made would be very appreciated, or any other advice to perform the aforementioned task. Thank you for a great plugin!

    doesnt it work with php 4? :/

    They are in pages/

    And no, it only works on PHP5, sorry.

    first this is a very good plugin, thank you very much. i have 3 questions;
    1-how can i display only the last 5 item of my facebook status feed? by default it shows all of them.

    2-dont want to use table template for it. it breaks my xhtml validation. how can i edit the template? i tried [lifestream output=”list”] but nothing changed.

    3-i am checking “Show the owner of the feed in the display.” but i dont want to use “admin” i want to use my name on there but it only give me “admin”

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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