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  • I purchased the upgraded part of this product, and a few things you should know:

    If you don’t purchase the upgrade your software will expire after 30 days:

    However, I purchased the upgrade for $25 and when I deactivated the license on one site to move it to a staging area for a site upgrade, it blocked all of my use of it entirely.

    The support people were very rude and insisted that I only had 7 days to change the domain I wanted to use the plugin on, and then they sent an email where it says 3 days, if you click on a link in your account screen after the purchase is made. In this shared notebook on Evernote I put in the screen shots of purchase and ad screens as of today, and when I purchased this almost a month ago, the website was much more bare bones.

    Public Evernote Notebook including the graphic he sent that I can’t find anywhere saying it’s 3 days to change the domain name to use the software with:

    Lastly, the guy says he’ll move my site ONCE if I release my PayPal dispute.

    They’re in Russia, but with a GoDaddy Domain, so be careful in your dealings with this company. I’ve emailed the information about the situation so they could take down the plugin, but for now I”m making this detailed report here so people can be careful.

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  • Plugin Author Shaon


    if you want to change domain name everyday for same license key . no one will allow that. Now seems like that you using the same key for each of you client domain. after you’re done with one client again trying to change domain name to set it from another client’s domain. but that change will block previous user to use download manager pro after 15 days. then you’ll say him it’s problem of download manager not your. So he also will complain somewhere in forum or blog about download manager.. so is that your way? seems you’re doing fraud with your clients later your clients will blame download manager for not working. We can’t allow such a fraud try.


    You are most incorrect. And by not giving out the proper licensing details in advance, you cost me several hours of wasted work in setting up your plugin and now in setting up another plugin.

    I received notification that your plugin has been removed from and I think that says it all.

    Your licensing model is not fair, nor does it appear to be legal.

    Thank you, and stop scamming people. Nobody licenses software the way you do. Your ideas are absurd and nobody would buy your software if they could never, ever change the domain it worked on.

    Rob the Computer Guy
    Technical Watchdog 🙂

    This guy is submitting the plugin under different names, and it’s going through… but he can change his code anytime he wants… So don’t say you weren’t warned, I guess?

    hello robthecomputerguy,
    seems you are a real stupid or a spammer. You should be banned from

    You registered that account just to make up something nasty to say?

    Not only that, the level of support that the developer provides is horrendous. I’d rather chew on my own bones. My advice to everyone: stay away from the plugin.

    any recommendations on alternatives? Perhaps I should code my own?

    We went with Download Monitor and it works well – what we really need is something easy for paid downloads.

    Hi robthecomputerguy & jacksonchung,
    I can verify everything you’ve complained about with this company – we purchased this plugin 8 months ago (& also the add-on$ too), but the plugin has so many bugs we still cannot use it on a live site, the support IS truly horrendous and also RUDE, plus I’ve found that if customers write a damaging post on the plugin forum they delete it (that’s so others won’t know how buggy it is and how terrible the support is….). BUT THE LATEST SCAM IS AMAZING – NOW IT SEEMS THEY WANT US ALL (PRO) CUSTOMERS TO PAY ANOTHER PAYMENT!! (which they are calling an “Upgrade”) JUST TO GET THE LATEST VERSION, DESPITE THE FACT WE STILL HAVE A VALID COMMERCIAL/ PRO LICENSE!!! – so I second your statement, robthecomputerguy – “Your licensing model is not fair, nor does it appear to be legal……Nobody licenses software the way you do. Your ideas are absurd and nobody would buy your software if they could never, ever change the domain it worked on.” – (…..and I’ll add some more – nor would they buy it if they knew you make them pay additional money for upgrades when technically we are legally entitled to get them at no further cost until our license expires……). This is actually quite fraudulent, the more I think about it.
    I have never, ever dealt with such an unscrupulous company in all my life….
    My advice to others – be very careful about installing this plugin on your site as they seem to change their policies (and prices) from one-minute to the next, (…I think the price has already gone from $19, to $25, to $35 and now $45 in just the last year or so…) and the problem is that once you start using this plugin, they can/will hold you to ransom…..(what are you gonna do? – go and remove 100’s of files and start all over again – nope, once you install & start using this thing, you’re screwed, as they will have you by “the short and the curlies” – it might be much better to find an alternative developer that is more professional and honest in their dealings…. such as this one – – (plus $45+ every year for only a one-site license is also a bit pricey compared to most other plugins….)
    As for a paid downloads plugin such as robthecomputerguy was looking for – anyone needing such a plugin could maybe try the (excellent, and with really, really fabulous support) wp-estore plugin, from tips & tricks (see – it has a one-off payment / lifetime license, the license allows use on as many sites as you personally own (and which costs $49.95 compared to a whopping $295 for the developer license for DownloadManager).
    Incidentally, I also agree with robthecomputerguy about WP Expert’s motives – as it seems the “wp expert” has only ever made one post on this entire forum/website (and that’s the one above….).

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