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    My question is simple, and I am surprised it is not covered in either the FAQ section, or some other easy to find place on the site.


    What do the licenses for each version entail?

    I ask because I note that the main difference between Pro and Developer is listed as “Unlimited Site License.”

    What does that mean in this context?

    This is an important detail for me to decide if I want to use the product or not. It looks great. The demo looks great. I just need to know what the licensing implications are before I incorporate it into my website.

    A page with that kind of information would be great. ^_^

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    Hi @burlingk,

    You’re right, we don’t clarify exactly what we mean by “unlimited site license” on our comparison page right now, which is a definite oversight by us. We’ll work on making that more clear on the website as soon as possible.

    In the mean time, to clarify, “Unlimited Site License” means you can use the Developer Upgrade on as many sites as you want. It is primarily intended for website developers to be able to provide an upgraded version of MyBookTable to their clients when creating a website for them, without having to purchase multiple copies of MyBookTable. It also may be appropriate for a user that simply owns multiple personal websites that they want to use MyBookTable on. The Professional Upgrade, by contrast, is only licensed to for use on a single website. You may swap this license between sites, if you remove it from your old site when moving to a new one, for example, but it is against the terms of use to use a single Professional Upgrade license key on multiple sites at once, and may result in the termination of your MyBookTable license.


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    Hello. is License a yearly subscription or one time payment?

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    Hi @wvpalarao,

    It is a one time payment.


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