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    In advance I want to thank the developer for the excellent plugin. It is much better than the others that are paid. I request your help for the following error: when you buy many licenses in one order, they don’t send them all. For example, a customer bought 49 licenses and the plugin only shipped 44 even when the stock was sufficient.
    Thanks for your support.

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  • Drazen Bebic


    Hello @belarcelis

    thank you for your message and for using my plugin.

    Sorry for the late reply, I was quite busy the last 2-3 months.

    I will need some more information about this. I’ll try to recreate the problem on my end, but if you have anything else, perhaps even relevant PHP error logs – let me know.

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    My store sells codes from iTunes and other brands. I have the plugin configured to automatically send the codes when the order is to be “processed”. On about 60% of orders, the plugin works flawlessly. In other orders, the customer buys 10 licenses when the order is processed, the plugin only sends 6 or 7 codes, even when the stock is sufficient. Even on many orders, the plugin doesn’t send any code or assign it to the order. I haven’t seen any more cases like this on the forum, so I hope it’s an easy problem to solve.

    I would very much like to continue with this plugin as it is the best there is for my need but I urgently need to resolve it.

    I will make a donation, I am very happy with the great work they have done.

    Drazen Bebic



    Understood, however I can’t seem to recreate the problem on my end.

    Do you maybe have a staging environment where I could take a look myself?

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