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  • It is completely ridiculous that I need to enter my license for every update.
    And, then it needs to be refreshed before it shows that the update is done.

    So frustrating to get the updates to work that I have stopped doing them and will not renew.

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  • Plugin Author Vasyl Martyniuk


    Hi kal123,

    Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. It is true that few versions ago we made a small change to the way are licenses are stored in the database. This is the first step in our sequence of actions to automate extension updates.

    We took all necessary measures to minimize the impact on our customer however we cannot take in considerations all scenarios like manual extension deploying or server connection interruption.

    What we do the best is support our customer. So please contact us first and we can help you to resolve any issues within minutes.

    Plugin Author Vasyl Martyniuk


    Hi kal123,

    Is license key still missing for you? I’m honestly want to make sure that all is working as expected.

    Thank you in advance.

    Currently, I have no updates to install. So I have no way to test this.


    1. License Key should only need to be installed once. Not for every single update.
    2. The plugin/extension state should change automatically to “installed” from “Update Available”.
    3. I should not have go through this cycle half a dozen times, before it shows “Installed”
    4. I am not interested in the “best customer service” for a buggy product.

    5. I am interested in a quality product that does not require extensive customer service, a lot of my time and frustration to make it work in the first place.

    6. I purchased the full bundle, so “manual extension deployment” should not be an issue.
    7. This is the Internet. Connections fail all the time. You should be designing for server interruption (adding re-tries), not making excuses for it.

    8. None of my other plugins have “server interruption” issues. This is not an excuse that makes you look good.

    9. My background is that of a software programmer for networking appliances. I could never get away with blaming “server connection” issues for poor software design.

    10. It is very easy to setup a Linux machine to simulate such network issues BEFORE you release. Rather than make excuses for lack of testing after the release.

    I just upgraded to Version 4.7.3
    And, now absolutely nothing works at all.

    Access Control Panel is completely blank. No text.
    User/Roles Panel says “Proccessing…” in tiny blue letters underneath the red “Default”

    Plugin Author Vasyl Martyniuk



    Did you clear the browser cache? Reload the page with Shift (hard reload).

    P.S. Regarding all you’ve mentioned above. Agree with the most.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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