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[Resolved] License Key cannot be validated

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    You must be using SLP version 3.3 or higher. Download & install the latest version from the WordPress site.

    I’m using version 3.7.4 and it still says my license key cannot be validated. My order is #6298. Thanks for any help…I’m anxious to get to work!

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    The license is validating, you can test it from a browser with this URL:

    Go to the plugin/general settings and expand the “plugin environment” tab. Make sure the first line looks like this:

    CSA IP Addresses: and license.charlestonsw.com

    If that is working, please contact me at http://www.charlestonsw.com/mindset/contact-us/

    Your server is either blocking communications or sending an encoded URL string. Some themes/plugins.. especially language translation related… will incorrectly change URL strings. I will need your IP address so I can turn on the license debugging on the server and see what your server is sending to it.

    I am still not able to validate my license key. Nor am I able to add locations. (error message OVER_QUERY_LIMIT). I’m not sure if it is something from my server or not. My IP address is and the information from the plugin environment tab is as follows:

    CSA IP Addresses: and
    Active WPCSL:
    Site URL:
    Encryption Key:
    License Key:
    WPCSL Version:
    WordPress Version:
    MySQL Version:
    PHP Version:

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    That second IP set is NOT a CSA server. Something appears to be going on with your DNS or routing information.

    Over Query Limit is a Google issue. If you entered an API key try removing it. That will allow generic requests to Google, but you should try to figure out what is going on with your API key and Google account that causes it to be throttled.

    I’m still trying to validate my license key. I was finally able to speak to somebody at iPage and they told me to pass this information along to you: (Ramon Garner being the person I spoke to)

    Ramon Garner: Our nameserver information listed below:

    Ramon Garner: Primary nameserver: ns1.ipage.com

    Ramon Garner: Address:

    Ramon Garner: Secondary nameserver: ns2.ipage.com

    Ramon Garner: Address:

    Ramon Garner: Account IP address:

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    @craig_g – If your plugin environment is showing these as the IP addresses for CSA then you are getting spoofed domain name data:

    CSA IP Addresses: and

    It should read: and license.charlestonsw.com

    If the second item (license.charlestonsw.com) cannot be connected then the first item (IP address) will be used. In your case may be online but it certainly is not a CSA server.

    It sounds like your NAME lookup (v. direct IP lookup) is compromised. If you go to the command line and run nslookup license.charlestonsw.com should either return “server cannot find license.charlestonsw.com” OR return, anything else will be a problem.

    I’m terribly sorry to bother you again. I still have not been able to resolve my problem with my license key. I did come to the conclusion that my Google api over_query_limit response may be due to a shared server through my hosting company. I tested this by installing Store Locator Plus onto a different website (same hosting company, different account and evidently server). It works great. My question is whether I could attempt to activate the Pro Pack on this site to see if it is the hosting company or the server my original site happens to be on. I don’t have a need for Store Locator on the site I’m testing it on, and would not want to lose out on the only license key I have…but I’d like to at least test the idea if possible.

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    License keys are not “counted”…. go for it.


    Thanks. I tried it and it worked. Too bad it works on a site I don’t need it on (www.RelationshipRevitalizer.com). I appreciate your help.

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    Craig – there are minor tweaks to the license server URL in 3.8 in an attempt to see if it will help. This change should have gone into effect last week (with 3.7.8 actually) and 3.8 just does a little more URL testing. Try with 3.8 and see if it helps.

    Just wanted to post an update. It turns out that everything on your end was working great…not so with the hosting company. I purchased a new URL and hosting account and was able to install Store Locator Plus, the Pro Pack (validated fine), Store Pages, Tagalong and Enhanced Results. I couldn’t be happier with any of it. There is one small thing I’d like to tweak, but I’ll post a new thread for that.

    Thanks a million!

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