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  • Currently the facilities for managing media or file content of all types are somewhat limited.

    There are plenty of plugins for managing uploads, or for managing the way in which one can link to media or files from pages posts or sidebars etc., but nothing much [if anything] to actually organise and categorise such content into a meaningful library structure.

    A true library resource would [I suggest] have a number of other features, such as the ability to limit access by role, hold ‘real’ bibliographic data such as copyright owner, author{s}, publisher [who may or may not be the uploader, or even a registered user of the site], searchable keywords, date of publication [which again may not be the date of upload], version or revision level, various different linkable copyright statements, and of course a search tool for the upload or directory tree where the content is held
    We also need to be able to bulk upload files to the library via ftp/sftp etc., and have the management front end scan/rescan the upload tree the allow designated users to add or alter relevant records per file – or to import a previously prepared catalog in a suitable csv or xml or other regular structure.

    All of this data should be manageable in some degree or other by those who have been assigned relevant role permissions, and some or all of the data arising from this should be “publishable” as post or page, either to relevant levels of subscribers [roles] or to the public.

    One could of course build much of this functionality using existing custom forms capabilities and some bits of custom code, but that approach is I think fairly hacky/geeky – it’s not as clean or as simple as it should be and the management interface will end up being fairly complex.

    This suggests [to me] the need for a new plugin.

    So here’s my question for the members here: What features or functions would YOU want to see such a library/media management plugin delivering or supporting?

    NB: if this is the wrong forum to ask such a question then please point me to a more appropriate one.

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  • islandcastaway


    I am looking for a way to refresh/rescan the media library for new images. is there any plugin or way to do this?



    you’re absolutly right.
    I’m not able to create a catalog like car overview, where the user can search with different criteria.

    Is there a consensus that the media library should contain all media uploaded to a site? Many of my clients have the need to upload a PDF, PNG, or video file, and send it to their clients as a link. Currently this is not easy to pull off in WordPress. Also, many clients have hundreds of media files and no way in WordPress to truly organize them or upload an updated version.

    If there is to be a truly helpful plugin for users, the users should be able to organize their documents similarly to how they organize documents on their own computers. An example for our veterinary clients: docs/pdfs/small_animal/dogs/ and then whatever PDFs are related to dogs. Or, perhaps they simply want to organize all their files (regardless of application) as media/large_animal/horses/treatment/ which would contain any files (PDF, PNG, or any other). My point being, the end user should be able to make these decisions so that they can organize their files so that they can find them even years after originally uploading them to reference them in another page or post.

    This brings up another field for uploaded files, their path. This should be an option for users (admin, editor, author) to specify a path as to where the document can be linked to directly. For instance where WordPress would automatically place the base url ( but then have the “media/large_animal/horses/” as an editable field similar to the slug in a post.

    I am having trouble uploading my video files into the media library. I have used an EFT to get each video file into my wp-content file but can’t get them into the Media Library or even into the library nested in the All-In-One-Video Package that I have activated. I’m a newby and don’t know what to do next. I’ve searched the forums and the above webwise design comes the closest to my problem. I have tried to insert the videos, which .flv files on a Post, but it only shows the title of the video but doesn’t have the usual icon for playing it. Help !

    It would be nice if the media library could watch, latch onto, make attachable or somehow integrate with the files/images from selected folders used by other plugins. For instance PhotoQ is great at uploading large amounts of images but I can’t see those images in the media library, so I can’t attach then (via Media Library) to a new post.

    Because of the media bar in WordPress of 64 Meg, I have used filezilla to ftp my bigger wav files to the appropriate media file. Although this was successful, wordpress fails to recognize that they are actually there in the wordress meadia file listing. How do I get these files to become visible in wordpress so I can use them on my pages?

    Okay, I have deleted the plugin and reloaded via WPress – this time the plugin works perfectly – brilliantly in fact!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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