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  • Hello people!

    I’m new to the world of plugin development, but not new to php world. I’m creating a buddypress plugin for forum posts moderation (people can report a post as inappropriate), I know that there’s bp-moderation, but it doesn’t really work.
    Anyway… I’ve finished the front-end part, and now I’m coding the back-end and there’s something buggin me a lot:
    I want to do something as simple as showing a grid with posts that have a defined value in the database table, that’s all. But I couldn’t find anything that helped me in creating a grid with pagination or sort, and for the other plugins that I’ve checked, they all do everything “by hand”, coding html with php like crazy, with no abstration, taking hours to do something that has been done repeatedly by other people many many times.
    So the question is, isn’t there a library, or something like a framework to help us developers in creating plugins for wordpress?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hey Rafael Matos,

    I myself have never come accross any ‘framework’ to say, but I have seen some plugins (don’t think they work), and the general write-ups about plugin development.

    Every plugin that I’ve made (my profile), I basicly have to code by hand (now I have snippets I’ve saved while developing).

    Just have a look at some plugins in Extend that are doing some actions close to what you want (that’s the beauty of open source), and try to replicate them in your own manner.

    Hi krisjav,

    I see… well it’s a shame, the more easier is to create a pluggin better and more numerous they’ll be, since people will spend they time on quality instead of picky things.
    But I’m definitely going to check some of your pluggins to make my life easyer 🙂

    I’ve noted some plugin frameworks like Xavisys/Alkivia but not actually looked at them… mostly because my experience with frameworks is that they usually cost me more time in the long run than coding a needed component myself.

    So IMO, it’s better to just develop your own library for things you always use/do than to spend time learning a new framework just for that one or two convenient features. It helps to deepen the understanding of the actual platform instead of the framework.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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