• Resolved zibardo


    Hi, I have a couple of question:

    is it possible to add an image and a description to the level donation?
    I’m trying to achieve this: https://www.medicisenzafrontiere.it/sostienici/
    As the user rollover the costs, an image with a little description appear.

    is it possible to have the address fields in one row? like the “powered by google one” instead of 1. address 2. number 3. Zipcode 4. state

    is it possible to have the give-donation-amount visible only on click for the “other amount” button? https://ibb.co/vsZyBSQ

    If I open a ticket on my GiveWp customer support account do I have a better support?

    Thanks in Advance


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  • Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Hi @zibardo

    I’m very glad you reached out here. That form interface you linked to looks visually stunning, for sure.

    It would be possible to get some of the functionality and presentation you see there with a GiveWP form, but it would require some significant custom development by a skilled front-end developer.

    So the answers to all of your questions of “is it possible” are all “yes” but with the caveat of “by a skilled developer.”

    We are not able to provide that type of customization work. Thanks!

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