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  • Is there a way where I can allow users to choose their password when they initially register? because there’s always been a hassle with users recieving their password via e-mail; it never reaches them. So I’d like to let users choose their own password right away, to work around this problem.


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    That is a fantastically bad idea.
    They’ll choose poor passwords and someone else will get inside the blog.

    Thanks for the criticism, but please…give me an alternate suggestion.

    Edit: There’s no reason for you to say that someone else will get inside the blog. I’m the only person with any authority, and my password is very secure. There’s no logic in cracking a users account with how my blog is setup.

    I don’t have a suggestion for the passwords, but you say you users aren’t getting the emails, you might want to check you servers email server, it might need a restart.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Inside WP you can manually create new users.
    You can then email them with their details.
    Once logged in they can choose their own passwords.

    And passwords are the weakest link in your online security – and anyone with access just makes it weaker. Just saying ….

    I don’t get it Podz.People always change your passwords to what they want later on anyway.What’s the difference between allowing them to choose their password at signup and then them just changing it after the first login? Either way they are gonna end up with the password they want.


    I was taking a look to wp-register.php
    it works something like this:
    when you click on register it generates a password and calls it $password, then creates the account.
    if you add a text field called “password”, and set it to be $password on wp-register, then you’d be able to have user defined passwords. now, the trick is to add an extra field, “re-enter password”, and check it against the first one before continue. It could even check for number of characters, etc. Even, add an image verification step.I don’t know if this would need some kind of “ssl”-encryption in the script…

    i don’t know how to code that much, but looking at this code i can understand how it works and how it could be implemented 🙂

    I’ve done it! You can find the source code for the new wp-register.php on my blog –

    ~Peter Bunyan

    can someone post that file? ’cause azarel’s site it’s offline

    That site works for me.

    i’ve managed to open the page with a proxifier… so this is the script ?
    it doesn’t change anything
    i’ve deleted wp-register.php from wordpress and i can still register




    the changed file doesnt restrict registration – it lets people choose their own password.

    Read the title of the thread:

    Letting users choose their own password?

    And since I just looked at YOUR login page, and I see where I am able to enter a password, it appears to work exactly as described.

    Additionally, you dont need the proxy, the site is up.

    i’ve solved the problem a few minutes after i posted that message :)) thanks for helping me
    (i’m happy :D)
    all i needed to do is replace wp-login.php with wp-register.php

    it may be up, but not for me :)) i still need a proxy

    maybe because i’m from romania

    Does anyone have a new link to the file?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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